10 Reasons why students join fraternity or sorority

Fraternity and sorority
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Fraternity is defined as a local or national organization of male students, primarily for social purposes, usually with secret initiation and rites and a name composed of two or three Greek letter while Sorority is defined as a society or club of women or girls, especially in college. Typically for social purposes.

Fraternity attained a lot of bad publicity, as with the well-known hazing problems that leads to the death of the neophytes due to excessive hazing. Nevertheless, there is a brighter side to fraternities and sororities that people do not see.

“Why do students join a fraternity?”

1. Long-term friendship
Students have the opportunity to meet new friends with different interest as a member of a fraternity. Fraternities or sororities provide long-term friendship and a strong relationship among the brotherhood that last beyond time spent at a University.

2. Acceptance
Most freshman students usually join fraternities because they want to gain confidence, and so they need to look for a group to be part of it. The first step in accomplishing this is simple, you must remember the rushee’s name and making sure they remember yours. By saying that he remembers you, it means he is acknowledging a relationship exists.

3. Social opportunities
Most of fraternities and sororities participate in community service and taking part in different opportunities and activities like charitable events, community projects. They participate volunteer work to raise money for charitable cause.

4. Support system
There are problems that most of the students encounter in their day-to-day life most especially in school. They need a reliable support-system. Fraternities and sororities has a close bond where they can get some advice from an older member of the frat about school, life, career, etc.

5. Personality development
Fraternities develop your whole personality. There are activities like parties that develop your social skills; games that develop your sportsmanship; and some activities that develop your shyness and awkwardness.

6. Career quest
Being a member of a fraternity and sorority may have the advantage when applying for a job after graduation. Older brothers can help you to find good jobs after college. Several fraternities and sororities offer great opportunities via chapter alumni.

7. Belongingness
The person joins a fraternity to be recognized and be a part of something. Fraternity or sorority is like a home away from home, same as a dorm, group of friends, or university organization can. You had a place to go to when you’re bored between classes. It builds one’s confidence and feeling of security.

8. Don’t want to left behind
As someone who is new in college, everything is new and you meet unfamiliar faces. So, in order to immediately gain friends and don’t get left behind, they join fraternities or sororities.

9. Leadership Experience
As a member of a fraternity, usually you are assigned to some specific duty. They also encourage every member to contribute in one way, not only in helping each other out, but in running a national organization.

10. To Party
Since, fraternities or sororities are commonly involved in lots of parties and drinking. Some of the students who usually want to join fraternities want to experience going to parties while some are party goers’ who just want to have fun.

Joining fraternities also means taking responsibilities and commitment in the group. Although it has negative sides like “initiation rites” in welcoming the neophytes that sometimes causes death and injuries, there are still some of them who find the rewards of joining a fraternity or sorority well worth it.


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