21 Interesting facts about the former dictator President Ferdinand Marcos

Facts about Ferdinand Marcos

Former President Marcos has been one of the controversial Presidents in the Philippines. His full name was Ferdinand Emmanuel Edralin Marcos, Sr. He was born on September 11th, 1917 and died on September 28th, 1989.

Let’s get to know him more with these facts listed below.

1. Baptized in Aglipayan or Philippine Independent Church.
It was founded in 1902 by Isabelo de los Reyes and Gregorio Aglipay, a roman catholic priest, who became its first Supreme Bishop.

2. He has incredible memory.
He has that photographic memory which reportedly gave him the ability to memorize complicated texts such as the 1935 Philippine Constitution and recite them forwards and backward.

3. He single-handedly topped the 1939 Bar Examinations.
His score was so high that made some quarters raised the possibility of cheating. Prompting the Supreme Court to step-in and re-calibrate his score to only 92.35%.

4. He reviewed for the Bar exams while in prison.
He was imprisoned for the murder of Nalundasan preventing him to attend weeks of classes, but it did not stop him to review for his bar exams.

5. He received death sentence at a very young age.
In 1938, Ferdinand, along with his father, brother, and brother-in-law was accused for the murder of their political rival, Julio Nalundasan. Ferdinand and his brother-in-law received death penalty but they were acquitted by the Supreme Court, because they were able to defend themselves.

6. He changed religion just to marry Imelda in a Catholic church.
In was year 1954 when Marcos first met Imelda Romualdez. After only 2 weeks of courtship, the couple tied knot in a civil ceremony in Baguio City followed by a church wedding at the Pro Cathedral of San Miguel Manila.

7. He had an affair with the actress Dovie Beams.
His romantic affair with American actress Dovie Beams turned to public scandal, prompting a torrent of denials to his diary and to Imelda. Marcos wrote: “I am being blackmailed, calling it “a diabolical plot”

8. He is the last Senate President who became the President of the Philippines.
Marcos was a former member of House Representatives, and Minority Floor leader before climbing up as a President of the Philippines.

9. He was inaugurated four times.
He was inaugurated as President of the country on 1965, 1969, 1981, and 1986.

10. He delivered 20 SONAs.
President Marcos delivered 20 SONAs. The second placer was former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo with 9, in her 2 terms.

11. He banned Voltes V.
in 1978, the anime was first aired in the Philippines but was banned by Ferdinand Marcos a year later because it was for children. While some believes it was because he was just afraid that Voltes V’s story reflected his dictatorship in the country.

12. He was a war hero.
Ferdinand claimed he was a war hero. He has portrayed himself as a heroic guerrilla leader and created his political appeal. However, U.S records show that they found no foundation for Ferdinand’s claim.

13. He made a large bust to immortalize himself.
It was built in a mountainside in Benguet province but destroyed by unknown perpetrators. Some think that it could possibly left-wing activists, looters hunting, or local tribes.

14. He named “Rolex 12” his closest and most powerful advisers.
These military officials were personally handpicked by Marcos during the Martial Law. These were:

• Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile
• Philippine Constabulary chief Maj. Gen. Fidel V. Ramos
• National Intelligence Security Authority chief Maj. Gen. Fabian Ver
• Lt. Col. Eduardo “Danding” Cojuangco, Jr.
• Army chief Maj. Gen. Rafael Zagala
• Constabulary vice-chief Brig Gen. Tomas Diaz
• Armed Forces Chief of Staff Gen. Romeo Espino
• Air Force chief Maj. Gen. Jose Rancudo
• Navy chief Rear Admiral Hilario Ruiz
• ISAFP chief Brig. Gen. Ignacio Paz
• Metrocom chief Brig Gen. Alfredo Montoya
• Rizal province Constabulary head Col. Romeo Gatan

But contrary to the, Marcos gave them Omega watches, not Rolex.

15. He wanted Ninoy to be his successor.
According to reports, it was revealed that Marcos considered Ninoy Aquino as the best prepared to be President among the politicians during that era.

16. Martial law was communism’s biggest recruiter.
In August 1971 Plaza Miranda bombing was a clear sign of using democracy to destroy itself. So, in order to eliminate communist threats, he suspended the privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus and declared Martial Law in the Philippines.

17. He bought the Kalayaan Island in Spratlys for 1 peso.
When Tomas Cloma landed at its biggest Islands in 1956, the Philippines started to claim over the Spratlys. Cloma made a “proclamation the whole world” that a new state called “The free Territory of Freedom land” was created. Unfortunately he was later jailed during the martial law era for the fraudulent use of the “admiral” title. He was released after he surrendered all his claims to the islands to Marcos for only one peso.

18. He launched the first Philippine-made rocket.
It was launched in Caballo Island, near Corregidor as part of “Project Santa Barbara”, which was participated by a group of scientists and the Philippine Navy. A series of 37 dynamic tests had been conducted on the 180 MM rocket, since December 1972. While on September 1975, four “bongbong”(named after his son) were successfully launched.

He then explained why the country was experimenting in making its own ballistic missiles. “the defense of the Philippines cannot be left to alliance with other countries. We must assume that there will be contingencies where even United States may not be ready to come to our assistance.

19. He knew that the US secretly stored nuclear weapons in the Philippines but never told anyone.
According to a document released by the National Security Archive based in George Washington University, the said top-secret memo was from US career diplomat Robert McClintock. The memo also suggests that the nuclear weapons have been stored in the country for many years without prior consultation with the Philippine Government.

The document added: “The fact that President Marcos was secretly informed of the presence of these weapons in 1966 would not work to his advantage in the election.”

20. People worship Marcos like a God.
According to cult leader Rodolfo Cabusao, their group started as a member of the Rizalian Brotherhood which has long believed that Rizal was Christ’s reincarnation. They began worshiping Marcos when the strongman died in 1989, the same year Cebusao claimed that Marcos appeared in his dream and proclaimed himself as God’s disciple.

21. He was associated with high level of corruption.
His regime was associated with high level of corruption, since the extravagant lifestyle was prevalent in Marcos’s family.

There you have it! Above are just some of the facts about the late dictator President Ferdinand Marcos. I hope you gained knowledge after reading the article.

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