5 Facts about Marlou Arizala before he became Xander Ford

Facts about MarlouArizala
Marlou Arizala /Xander Ford

Marlou Arizala has recently been all over social media when he announced that he is undergoing plastic surgery to enhance his facial feature. After a month of waiting, he revealed his new look and his total transformation in ABS-CBN’s magazine show Rated K hosted by Korina Sanchez-Roxas as Xander Ford and it trended worldwide. Arizala has undergone cosmetic enhancement procedure with his nose, chin and other procedure, including wrinkle removal, eyelash extension, lip pigmentation, and dental implants. But still, many netizens are making fun of his memes transformation circulating across social media of what he did.

Here are some facts about Marlou before he transforms to Xander Ford

1. A former member of Hasht5
Marlou is known for being part of Hasht5, a boy band parody group who became viral on 2015. Hasht5 had five-member apart from Marlou, consisted of Vincent Binocas, CeeJhay Ellero, Jhimwell Macanlalay, and Erick Ebreo.

Hatsht5 has more than 243,000 likes on their Facebook page. Introducing their new member CeeJhay was the most watched video, with over one million views. Despite inline bullying, hurtful comments including death threats, the boys remained confident in their look and abilities, according to an interview. Marlou left the group and went solo on 2016.

2. Used to be a cigarette vendor
At a young age, Marlou used to sell cigarettes for his school tuition and his allowance. He used to be a working student. He works hard to provide his father and his then-pregnant sister, he said in an interview in”Tapatan Ni Tunying.” He shared that they used to move in different places because they can’t afford to pay the rent, but after able to work as an entertainer, they had been able to pay rent for their home in Cavite.

3. A former choir member
Marlou and his former group mate Vincent was a church choir. He was also a part of their community theater group and he attended several acting workshops. Marlou claimed that he had the experience in modeling.

4. He has acted in several TV shows and even had a cameo in a movie
Marlou has appeared in ABS-CBN’s teleserye Dolce Amore starring Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano, the sitcom Home Sweetie Home top-billed by John Lloyd Cruz and Toni Gonzaga, and the GMA News TV program Day Off as well as the movie Mang Kepweng starring Vhong Navarro.

5. A non-apologetic about wanting to improve his physical appearance
“Masakit pero kaya kasipo, ito talaga ‘yung pinangarap ko. Ito talaga yung goal ko, ‘yung mabagao ‘yung sarili ko.” – Ford said in an interview whenKorina Sanchez-Roxas asked him the procedure of his transformation. The internet celebritydecided to enhance his face to gain confidence about himself. Prior going under the knofe he became the brand ambassador of Flawless skin clinic and he had his facials to get rid of his pimples. A Facebook account named Xander Ford posted, “MARLOU IS DEAD! I’M XANDER, Marry Me or Follow Me?” on September 4.

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