6 things to know about Miss Grand International 2017 second runner-up, Elizabeth Durado Clenci

Things to know about Miss Grand International 2017 second runner-up Elizabeth Durado Clenci
Image Credit: from Elizabeth Clenci's Instagram

Elizabeth Durado Clenci who represented the Philippines was named Miss Grand International 2017 second runner-up, behind winner Maria Jose Lora of Peru and first runner-up Venezuela’s Tulia Aleman Ferrer. She made the Philippines proud Wednesday night after becoming the only Asian candidate to finish inside the pageant’s top 5.
Besides her mesmerizing beauty and charm, there are some things to know more about this Filipino-Romanian beauty queen.

Here are interesting things about her:

1.) She joined Binibining Pilipinas twice.
Before becoming Miss Grand PH, she first joined BBP in the year 2011. In that year, Shamcey supsup won the crown. She finished as one of the top 15 semi finalists wherein her sister, Sarah also joined the competition.

2.) She once suffered from a skin condition.
She suffered from a skin condition called eczema and posted about it on here Instagram account on how she overcame this sickness by proper diet and natural medicine.

“The past year and a half has been the toughest by far- physically and emotionally. The photo on the left was taken exactly a year ago today on my birthday. My body out of nowhere suddenly erupted with the most severe eczema, my skin was oozing and weeping, covered in fleshy wounds. My eyebrows fell off, my skin would itch furiously, Sudden movements would crack and create more wounds, resulting in the most agonising year and a half of my life. Everything became painful. I invested thousands of dollars and precious time with multiple doctors and specialists who vaguely addressed my case and had no answers. Or pumped me full of useless drugs that didn’t help at all. One doctor even told me that this is how I would live the rest of my life.
“I spent hours online trying to find a cure and knew that there had to be some other way. The photo on the right is me today……..healed. I found true healing through change in diet and natural medicine.”

3.) She stands 5’5 in height and is from Mandaue, City Cebu.
She represented Mandaue in both years that she joined Binibining Piliinas.

4.) She shares the same birthday with Miss Universe PH Rachel Peters.
Not only do they have the same passion for pageantry, but Liz and Rachel also share the same birthday which is October 20.

5.) She is a bassist.
She is a music – major and played bass during the Binibining Pilipinas 2017 Talent Competition. She is also a big fan of Marvin Gaye and loves Fleetwood Mac’s music. She had also been studying bass for the past 3 years.

6.) She is designated as PH Peace Ambassador.
Last August in celebration of Peace Month for September, Presidential Peace Adviser Jesus Dureza appointed Elizabeth as a peace ambassador. An event last September 14, wherein Elizabeth met President Rodrigo Duterte.

During her journey at Miss Grand International 2017, Clenci and the other top 5 finalist were asked; “If you have to issue a law to punish criminals of war and violence, how would you punish these people and why?”
Clenci answered, “They say a nation is judged not by criminals and the crimes they commit, but how the nation punishes them. If I were to create a law, it would be to implement mental rehabilitation because character is such a complex phenomenon. We cannot judge someone’s character based on the crimes that they commit. If we punish somebody just as equally as the crimes they have committed, then what does that say about us? I would implement mental rehabilitation. Thank you.”

She may have fallen short in her journey to bring home the country’s first win on the Miss Grand International title. But she still made us very proud on what she has achieved.

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