50 things to know about Nadine Lustre: Nickelodeon’s Favorite Pinoy Star for 2017

Nadine Lustre Nickelodeon's Favorite Pinoy Star for 2017
Recently, Nadine won the award as Nickelodeon Kids' choice Awards 2017 over other Pinoy actresses Liza Soberano, Janella Salvador and Janine Guitierrez. Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Recently, Nadine won the award as Nickelodeon’s Favorite Pinoy Star for 2017 over other Pinoy actresses Liza Soberano, Janella Salvador and Janine Guitierrez.

Nadine expressed her gratitude to all the people who voted her as Nickelodeon’s Favorite Pinoy Star for 2017. According to Nadine it was her childhood dream, although being named as the Favorite Pinoy Star would put an added responsibility on her shoulders, she’s fine with that because she loves to inspire people especially children.

You may know her from the movies or Teleserye you’ve watched like Diary ng Panget, Talk back and you’re dead, Para sa hopeless romantic and On the wings of love but how well do you know Nadine Lustre?

Here are the lists of 50 things you might not know about Nadine Lustre.

  1. Nadine first appeared on Television at the age of nine as the host of a children-oriented program called Story land . Her hosting talent was not only recognized in the Philippines but also abroad. She was featured as a child host to a Disney Channel Asia.
  2. She was also a member of a girl group “Pop Girls” with Laila Bustria, Mariam Bustria, Rose Ginkel and Shy Carlos. Nadine was the only pure Filipina in the group. The “Pop Girls” was launched by Viva Entertainment in 2009. However, Nadine left the group to start a solo career in music.
  3. Her complete name is Nadine Alexis Paguia Lustre.
  4. She was born on October 31, 1993.
  5. Her motto is “Never settle for second best.”
  6. Her height is 5’5, waistline is 25 and shoe size is 8.
  7. Blue is her favorite color.
  8. Rico Blanco is her favorite OPM artist and her favorite foreign artist is Katty Perry.
  9. She is the eldest of four siblings. She and the youngest are the only girls.
  10. Aside from acting, She is also a prolific singer. Nadine’s favorite music genre is EDM and Pop.  In year 2014, she released her self-titled album under Viva Records.
  11. Nadine was also recognized by SBS PopAsia because of her song “Me and You” from her self-titled album. Her popular hit “Me and You” was awarded by Australian music show with Titanium award. Nadine is among the famous Kpop groups like Super Junior, U-KISS and EXO who had songs that achieved the Titanium status.
  12. Her version of Sa Ibang Mundo with Kean Cipriano also won People’s Choice Awards Favorite Song and Favorite Music Video for her song “Me and You.”
  13. She was given the title of Favorite Artist and Favorite Female Artist in 2016 Philippines Myx Music Awards.
  14. Her son “Hanap-Hanap” with James Reid also bagged as the Favorite Collaboration in Myx Music Award.
  15. Nadine didn’t dream of becoming an actress, it was actually her mother who encouraged her to enter in showbiz.
  16. She started her acting career in “Malaala Mo Kaya year 2006. Her popularity soared when she appeared in “Diary ng Panget” a wattpad story with James Reid. Her role Leah in “On the Wings of Love” catapult her and James to the peak of fame.
  17. Nadine and James Reid already worked with each other for James music video “Alam Niya Ba” which was released in year 2013.
  18. Nadine and James are always spending time with other celebrities like Andre Paras and Yassi Pressman and according to her they call themselves as “CInegang.”
  19. Only flowers can make her happy when she feels gloomy.
  20. Nadine is very clingy to her boyfriend James Reid. Her Instagram account would not be complete without a photo of James Reid.
  21. Nadine and James first met in a workshop but they didn’t really talk. The second time they met was during a video shoot for ‘Alam Niya Ba” and there they had a conversation. According to Nadine, her first interaction with James was playing Minion Rush. The kiss on the cheeks happened on their music video “Alam Niya Ba” was actually instructed by James. He tol Nadine to do it.
  22. Nadine is a beach Lover, she loves to go to beach bumming and enjoy the rest of the day exploring the water of beaches and the calmly sound of it puts her worries and tiredness away from her daily routine.
  23. She is a forever 21 fanatic.
  24. Nadine prefers to eat healthy foods to boost up her energy level.
  25. A former member of a prominent Political family in Sual, Pangasina, JC Arenas Arcinue was Nadine’s ex boyfriend. They still remained as good friends even if they broke up.
  26. Nadine and her best friend Yassi are planning to open a pet cafe like those you can see in Korea.
  27. Nadine also loves Japanese anime and she is a cos-player.
  28. Nadine and Myrtle Sarossa have an online shopping store on Instagram where they sell their clothes that they wear only once.
  29. Her favorite Taylor Swift son is “Sparks fly”
  30. Nadine loves vintage cars like her father and just like her mother, she is also an organized person.
  31. Nadine’s car is a Chevy Cap Diva.
  32. Nadine was home-schooled for the entirety of her secondary school days. She attended Diliman Preparatory School from Preschool to Grade six.
  33. Growing up, Nadine was a very boyish. She enjoyed games like teks and bike.She enjoyed extreme sports like roller blading and skate boarding.  According to Nadine, she was a late bloomer in terms of fashion.  Nadine’s only experience i fashion was with online paper dolls.
  34. Nadine’s form of exercise is boxing.
  35. According to her road manager, Barbie, Nadine is like a cowboy who can improvise things like place to sleep or dressing room anywhere and anytime.
  36. When her parents’ business went downhill after finishing grade-school, she and her parents flew to the US to try their chances. Her two brothers were left with the care of her maternal grandmother because their chances of leaving as a whole was very least.  They stayed in the US for three months and discard their American dream when her mother became pregnant with her youngest sister, Naomi because they can’t get proper medical care as they were asked to present IDs. Nadine can’t even enroll in the local high school because they had problems with the papers.
  37. Supposedly Nadine was to be named as “Ezekiel” because they thought she was a boy.
  38. Nadine doesn’t usually share her problems, not even to her family because she wants to be independent.
  39. The guy who played “Nars” in be my lady, Mj Cayabyab was also one of Nadine’s real-life best friend.
  40. Nadine is a family-oriented person, she always put her family on top of her time.
  41. Nadine’s most embarrassing moment was when she entered the wrong car and was suspected by the driver as a thief.
  42. Nadine hates the dark and she’s scared of spiders and ghosts.
  43. One of her favorite bag is Estee Laudee which was given by her lola who’s now living in the US.
  44. Nadine loves to travel, that’s why every year on her birthday she travels.
  45. Her favorite lipstick is Twig by Mac
  46. Nadine is a home-girl. She loves staying home.
  47. James’ 21st birthday for Nadine was a Charriol bracelet. While Nadine’s’ 21st birthday gift for James was an Adventure Time stuff toy.
  48. Nadine admits that she is a very jealous and emotional person. She also admit to be a very hyperactive person.
  49. One of Nadine’s hobby is Photography.
  50. Nadine loves animals especially cat and dog. Her black cat is named as cat. It was actually a gift from Donnalyn Bartolome who also gave a similar cat to James, it’s more like a couple cat.


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