8 Facts about the Parojinogs of Ozamiz City

Parojinog family
The peaceful City of Ozamiz has been rattled with some of the most disheartening news, when Ozamiz City Mayor Reynaldo "Aldong" Parojinog had been killed in coordinated police raids on Sunday morning. (Sourced photo)

The peaceful City of Ozamiz has been rattled with some of the most disheartening news, when Ozamiz City Mayor Reynaldo “Aldong” Parojinog had been killed in coordinated police raids on Sunday morning. Parojinog was accused by President Rodrigo Duterte of involvement in drug trafficking. He is the latest official to be killed since President Duterte launched a drug war.

Police officers were to serve warrants for the arrest of Parojinog, his daughter, and four other officials of Ozamiz City when they allegedly opened fire. In exchange gunfire between the mayor’s security team and police serving warrants in the clan’s properties, Mayor Parojinog and fifteen people were killed.

The authorities confirmed that among the dead were Susan (Mayor’s wife), Octaviano Parojinog Jr. (Mayor’s brother board member) and Mona (Mayor’s sister) while three others were injured in the incident.

According to Northern Mindanao Police Chief Supt. Timoteo Pacleb, aside from the Mayor’s house, police also raided Vice Mayor Nova Parojinog’s house, two of the Parojinog clan’s farms, and other properties. Seven were killed in the raid in Baybay San Roque, while six were killed in Brgy. Baybay Sta. Cruz.

Three rifle grenades, bags of suspected illegal drug shabu, a firearm, and cash were found inside the mayor’s house. Suspected shabu, M-16 rifle and cash were also found inside Vice Mayor Nova Parojinog’s house.

The Vice Mayor who survived the encounter and was arrested and her brother Reynaldo “Dodo” Parojinog Jr. will be flown to Manila on Monday for inquest proceedings.

Here are things you probably don’t know about the Parojinog clan.

1. Parojinog clan was both feared and high-valued target.
They are one of the most valuable targets in the entire island of Mindanao and not only concentrated in Ozamiz City. The clan has been closely monitored by the members of the Philippine National Police-Ozamiz City Department and was earlier tagged by President Duterte for their alleged involvement in illegal drugs across the island of Mindanao.

2. Octaviano Sr. (Late Mayor of Ozamiz City’s Father) founded Kuratong Baleleng Gang (KB).
KB started off as an anti-communist vigilante group and later morphed into a group that resorted to illegal activities. It became the notorious group of criminal gang and a known distributor of prohibited narcotics in Metro Manila.

3. Marriages and Networks.
Octiviano Sr. was married to Rosalinda Ozamiz and had eight children, including Renato and Reynaldo. According to an intelligence report from PNP, at least two of the Parojinog daughters were romantically involved with alleged drug personalities.

Maychell, Renato’s daughter from a live-in partner was married to Remy “Waway” Gumapac Jr., and alleged drug dealer among Misamis Occidental’s biggest crime targets. Also, Reynaldo’s daughter Nova Princess who happens to be Ozamiz City Vice Mayor, was romantically involved with Herbert Colanggo, a crime gang leader who allegedly continued drug operations while detained inside the New Bilibid Compound.

Meanwhile, Reynaldo himself was married to a woman with her own links to the Kuratong Baleleng gang. Susan, his wife is the daughter of one of the gang’s original members.

Several other members of the family have alleged links to illegal activities as well. Daisy Parojinog Salas and her husband, Arthemio Salas were once charged for violating the country’s drug law but charges were dropped. Arthemio was also the personal close-in security of Reynaldo and brother of the late Rodrigo Salas, a wanted person in the 80’s.

4. Parojinog clan is belived to be connected to Bilibid drug lords.
According to the PNP, Parojinog clan has a close connection with some narcotics lord of the National Bilibid prison. Herbert Collangco, which is currently detained as a high profile inmate is believed to be one of the main suppliers of illegal drugs to trade with the Parojinog clan to establish a hidden trade in the whole Mindanao.

5. Established a network of illegal trades in Mindanao.
PNP members were already aware of the illegal drug trade of the clan across Mindanao and other parts of Visayas region. Their outsourcing of prohibited drugs substances from either Metro manila or International back channeling portals successfully established an independent power in Mindanao. Parojinog clan is believed to be one of the largest sources of prohibited drugs in the region that got the attention of anti-narcotics czar, President Duterte.

6. Links to more groups.
Parojinogs clan is not only notorious in Ozamiz City and nearby areas, but even in police circles.

The PNP’s latest intelligence report lists the following as breakaway groups of the original Kuratong Baleleng Group: Kuratong Baleleng 1 or the Wilson Soronda Group, the Kuratong Baleleng II or the Robert Ramos/Edla Liver Group, the Socrates Aguilar Group, the Joedisil Siong Group, the Ozamiz Boys Group, the Alferez Criminal Group, the Alvin Flores Group, the Colanggo Group, the Ozamiz Robbery Hold-Up Group, and the Tayrus Criminal Gang, among others.

Colanggo of the Colanggo Group, Manuel Franciso and Rick Cadevero of the Ozamiz Group, the late Alvin Fores of the Martilyo Gang, and Glenn Tayrus of the Tayrus Group are among the major crime personalities associated with the family.

7. Rise of the Kuratong Baleleng gang.
Year 1988, the Kuratong Baleleng was disbanded by the military firearms. Despite this, the group proceeded with its illegal activities. A couple of years later, the Parojinog patriarch was killed in an ambush by a join team of soldiers and local police.

The group divided into three: the elder Parojinog’s group continued operating in Ozamiz, while brothers Aldong and Renato, also known as Nato, concentrated in robberies in Metro Manila.
Meanwhile, Ongkoy’s nephew, Carmelito Calasan, formed a group that “engaged in extortions, holdups, and bank robberies in Iligan, General Santos City, Cebu City, and Metro Manila.

8. ” Robin hoods” of Ozamiz
The success of the Parojinogs clan in politics was attributed to their “Robin Hood” image. This image of the Parojinogs is rooted to the patriarch. Ongkoy, was reportedly known for his generosity and was dubbed the “Robin Hood of Lawis” at the height of Kuratong Baleleng. This image “is partly why Aldong Parojinog won the 2001 mayoral elections by a landslide.”

After a long and successful political career, Reynaldo “Aldong” Parojinog was killed. The police were supposed to serve warrants when they were met with violent resistance. According to Malacañang the series of raids of the Parojinog residences is part of the administration’s war on drugs.

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