Advantages and Disadvantages of Free tuition in the country

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Education is vital for one’s social and academic well-being. It is a survival tool used to improve ourselves and performs better in the society. But education costs a hefty price and not everyone can afford it. So should education be free for everyone? What does free education even mean? Is it really free? But nothing is really free in this world. We might not pay for it with money but in other forms nonetheless and these are the advantages and disadvantages of obtaining the free education everyone desires to have.

 Advantages of Free Education

  • Productive Society

Countries that have strong economies have workers that have undergone various levels of educations in which everyone has a specific field of expertise.Countries like the USA has more highly educated workforce that is capable of maximum efficiency and skills which results in a better economy.

  • Promotes fairness

Everyone has an opportunity to pursue education. It is highly beneficial especially to people who are intelligent and capable but cannot afford education. Everyone will have the same footing in terms of finding jobs and the poor will have the same opportunity given by rich parents to their children,to better his/herself by providing a career out of the kind of education he/she pursues.

  • Better Outlook in Life

Education not only teaches us how to solve the math or how to construct a sentence but also theway of life. The ability to learn, widen and share our knowledge is what sets us apart from theanimals.It is our ability to understand and interpret what our brain processes. If everyone has the opportunity to hone this abilities then we will be able to understand other cultures, religions, other people and how we look at the world and deal with our everyday problems. Finally, it also allows us to communicate better with other people because we understand them.


  • Discrimination

People no longer just look down on you for your economic and social standing but also the kind of education you haveand the school you have attended.Those who attend less distinguished schools are treated as inferiors compared to people who attend elite schools. Privileged people judge solely based on the kindof gradesless fortunate people have gotten instead of the potentials they have and the kind of people they are.

  • Not Free At All

Even though it says free education, it really isn’t. The one who will pay for your education instead of you will be the people who pay their taxes with their monthly wages and the big companies. The tax will increase because more and more people will want to study even those who did not have the opportunity in the past and not only will it weight against the people and the companies but it will also hurt the economy. If the tax does not increase, average education will be provided and there would be no improvement in the economy. Beforefree education bear good results, the country will succumb to poverty first in the next couple ofyears.

  • Everybody Wants to be Somebody

Imagine a world where everyone is educated and wants high-paying jobs, who would want to be a blue-collar worker? There will be no one cleaning the buildings because everyone will want to have office jobs and build companies. No one will want to have jobs that does not even require education like housemaids or janitors. There would be a high rate of unemployment because an educated person will not work for less than what the kind of education he has attained.


Education is a vital tool for the betterment of each individual however it is up to us on how we will use education. Education should be wisely used to our advantage. We should look at education as a way to escape poverty and mediocre lives. With free education in our hands means more opportunities that we can grab and more dreams that can be granted. Not only that, there would also be lot of jobs to choose from and not only the generic jobs people has in the past. More jobs, better economy. better economy, and better lives. Free education will benefit our economy and improve our society in the long-run.

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