Advantages and disadvantages of joining Fraternities or Sororities

Pros and cons of Fraternities
The Independent Order of Odd Fellows Fraternity, Kapatirang Golden Luzon Lodge

Fraternity or sorority is a social, professional, or honorary societies for males and females. It attracts many college students because it appears to be a way into a fun college career with ready-made friends and future job connections.

Now, I want to share some insights about the advantages and disadvantages of joining Fraternities.


• Academic Support
Joining Fraternities can be beneficial to your academics, because they encourage the development of high achievement in the scholastic department and most have a GPA requirement. They can also help the members through tutoring and can advise you to the right courses to take.

• Career opportunities
Some corporate entities place recognition on an applicant’s involvement in social organ ization. Hence, it can help you advance a career or get noticed by those who make hiring decisions or promotions. Also, long-running fraternities’ usually have strong connection to their alumni. Many alumni, are great networking sources if you find one in your field.

• Leadership and Responsibility development
As a member of a fraternity, usually you are assigned to some specific duty. They also encourage every member to contribute in one way, not only in helping each other out, but in running a national organization.

• Teamwork
In fraternity, you have other fellow members you can work with and what’s great is that, they always have teamwork. Working together as a team is a vital success for your college life and business.

• Social Network
Joining a fraternity is simply a way to avoid social isolation. It is a way for a socially-inclined person to immediately build a bond with frat brothers and sisters. Also networking is a great benefit of fraternity affiliation because it gives alumni a base of contacts to use for their career choices and many opportunities.


• Deal with hazing
Most of the college students who join fraternities experience hazing. Some common hazing activities could potentially be disgusting and illegal.Those who participate in fraternities also continue to be injured and even die from such abuse, and the negative mental health impact can last for years.

• Membership fees
The heaviest financial you’ll ever experience comes in the first year of membership, which includes initiation fees. This can be costly, especially if you are living on your own and have other expenses to pay for.

• Time commitments
Fraternities demand much of your time. You may wish to join fraternities if you are good at managing your time.

• Dangerous behaviors
Fraternities are commonly involved in lots of parties and drinking. This can lead to physical involved as well as posed dangers to others if members drink and drive. Also, underage members of fraternity face risks of alcohol-related legal charges if parties get out of hand.

• Limited social reach
In some cases, tightly knit houses limit your ability to branch out and develop relationships with other students. Thus, joining fraternities will prevent you to get to know a diverse group of people.

Joining a fraternity or Sorority can be memorable, with lifelong friends. But of course, make sure you balance the pros and cons first.

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