Aquino ready to turn over presidency to Duterte – Coloma

Aquino Ready To Turn Over Presidency To Duterte - Coloma
Photo by Official Gazette of the Philippines via Wikipedia

A week before in-coming President Rodrigo Duterte’s inauguration, Presidential Spokesman, Sonny Coloma announced Thursday that President Benigno Aquino III is ready to leave Malacañan Palace.

Aquino will turn over power as head of the state to President-elect Rodrigo Duterte on June 30. On that day, Aquino will symbolically step down from the Palace for the last time as president. It is a part of an inaugural tradition that dates back to the first Philippine President after World War II.

“Handang-handa na siyang lumisan sa araw ng Huwebes, ika-30 ng Hunyo,” (“He is very much ready to leave on Thursday, 30th of June.”) Coloma said Thursday.

Coloma informed that Aquino and Duterte will meet before the latter takes his oath as the country’s 16th President.

From what I know, we’ll be able to observe this tradition and there will be a chance for President Aquino and President-elect Duterte to meet before the latter takes his oath as the new president, Coloma said.

Based on the tradition that was started by President Manuel Roxas, Duterte will fetch Aquino from the Palace. Then they will go to the venue of his inauguration together. A gesture that represents continuity of government.

This was first done during the transition from the Commonwealth Government under the Americans to the new Republic of the Philippines on July 4, 1946.

After the ceremony, Duterte will symbolically mark the start of his presidency by climbing the same stairs where Aquino descended earlier that day.

Coloma pointed out that Aquino will leave the presidency with an improved economy accomplished by his administration over the past six years.

“Ang pinakamatingkad na natamo natin ay yung taguri sa atin na ‘Asia’s rising star’ mula sa dating tawag na ‘Sick man of Asia,’” (“The most notable achievement is that we’ve become known as the ‘Asia’s rising star’ from our previous moniker as ‘Sick man of Asia,’”) Coloma said.

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