BREAKING NEWS: Espinosa lawyer dead in Tacloban City ambush

Crime scene do not cross
Featured image credit: Tex Texin/Flickr )

Atty. Rogelio Bato, the lawyer of Albuera, Leyte Mayor Rolando Espinosa was killed when his Toyota Hilux was ambushed in Barangay Lumbang 2 in Tacloban City at about 2 p.m on Tuesday afternoon.

A 15-year-old girl sitting shotgun was identified as Angelica Bonita who was wearing a Sagkahan National High School uniform was also killed. The faces of the victims were riddled with bullets. Empty shells of M16 and caliber .45 ammunition were also found in the crime scene.

Photos of the crime scene and the victims are now spreading on the social media. You may follow this link to see and read more details but be warned for the graphic materials.

It can be recalled that Mayor Rolando Espinosa of Albuera, Leyte and his son Kerwin were in the news recently for narcopolitical issues. They were linked to illegal drug activities in Eastern Visayas.

Mayor Espinosa voluntarily surrendered to the Philippine National Police after he and his son were given a 24 hour “shoot on sight order” by President Duterte. Two of his body guards were caught red handed in his home with drug paraphernalia and 237 grams of shabu worth P1.9 million. Two units of calibre 45 Glock 21 pistol and 33 pieces of live ammunition were sequestered as well as cash amounting to P23,870 and three P100 marked money.

Kerwin is still at-large and is believed to be in hiding either in Malaysia or Singapore. However, there are reported sightings of him in a hospital in Cebu City.

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