CHED pushes mandatory drug test for college admission

Senate approved free tuition in SUCs on the final reading
The senate of the Philippines approved on the third and final reading, Bill No. 1304 of "affordable higher education for all act" in state colleges and universities (SUCs) on Monday. Image Credit: Reporter.PH File

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) aims to conduct a mandatory drug test as a requirement for admission in colleges and universities.

In a press briefing at Malacañan on Thursday. CHED Executive Director Julito Vitriolo informed that CHED is preparing higher education institution (HEIs) for the implementation of a drug-free campus next school year or in 2018.

“CHED is strengthening the ROTC program and ensuring drug-free campuses, following the President’s directive” Vitriolo added.

CHED wants to take these steps to put off a widespread drug problems in schools, most especially youths are more vulnerable to this aspect.

Meanwhile, CHED is also currently discussing with the senate on the possible implementation of free tuition policy in colleges and universities. CHED has lined up several projects as well for poor but deserving Filipino students such as the Student National Assistance Program or the Tulong Dunong, supporting 200,000 beneficiaries and about 400,000 will be supported next year. They are looking at around Php8 billion fund that will be used for the free tuition policy in colleges and universities.

According to Vitriolo, CHED has also implemented the Philippine-California Advanced Research Institute (PCARI) which caters to high-end, high-level research projects that will support the Philippines in the development of the information technology infrastructure and in health sector.

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