Child patient dies, netizen accuses hospital negligence

Child dies in hospital
According to the post, the child died after allegedly waiting for medical assistance for almost 3 hours outside the ER. (image: Mhindz Bacaling Projas FB post)

MANILA, Philippines – Around 1p.m. on Saturday, a netizen decided to make a public call for justice through a Facebook post for a child who allegedly died due to the negligence of the emergency staff at a hospital in Rodriguez, Rizal.

Mhindz Bacaling Projas in a Facebook post accused the Casimiro Ynares Sr. Memorial Hospital ER staff of neglecting the young patient and refusing immediate assistance which eventually led to the death of the child.

According to Projas, she was at the hospital when she noticed a child constantly crying.  She recounted that the patient was with her father so she decided to approach them.

“Tinanong ko ang magulang bakit d po nila naipasok sa emergency ang sabi po sa akin galing na daw po sila dun at pinalabas daw po ng nurse sabi pumila daw sila at hintayin na tawagin dahil wala ang doctor” (I asked the parent why they were there instead of going directly to the emergency (room) and they told me, they have been there but the nurse told them to stay outside and wait in line. The doctor was not around so they were asked to wait (to be called)”, narrated Projas.

Projas added that the urgency of the situation made her decide to step up and demanded the ER personnel to assist the child who was now getting weaker.

“My God namn lupaypay na ang bata pinahintay nila ng 2-3hrs need ng bata ang oxygen and dextrose d man lang inasikaso” (My God! The child was already weak and they still made her wait for 2-3 hours! The child needs oxygen and [dextrose] but they did not even care!), exclaimed Projas.

The child later on died which, according to the post, prompted the nurses to finally pay attention.

Projas, in a follow up comment, added that the family was there around 3a.m. and they were assisted at the emergency room only around 6a.m.

The information was solely based on the Facebook post by Projas and the incident has not yet been officially verified. We are still waiting for the hospital’s comments on the accusation.


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