Duterte flirts and finds Robredo beautiful

leni duterte | Duterte flirts and finds Robredo pretty

In a speech given yesterday by President Rodrigo Duterte in Zamboange del Sur, he admitted that he finds Vice President Robredo beautiful.

” You will not listen to a beautiful president. You will just stare at her. “, he jokingly said. He also mentioned how he cannot resist staring at Robredo during Cabinet meetings. He finds her “lady-like and kind.” Robredo is part of the government’s Cabinet as the appointed Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) chairman.

This is not the first time Duterte admitted he finds Robredo attractive. During his campaign for his presidency, he said that if Robredo will not win as vice-president, he will offer her the position of “assistant president.” A position that is similar to the deputy mayors he appointed in Davao. The president is well-known for his penchant for beautiful women. He once admitted having multiple girlfriends.

After making the offer, Duterte apologized saying, “I’m sorry Leni, I hope, do not be offended, I am just shooting the breeze with these guys.”

Duterte was in Labangan, Zamboanga del Sur Wednesday as a guest speaker to a group of soldiers in the military camp. He delivered his speech in English, Tagalog and Bisaya while peppering jokes throughout.

While some may find this amusing, women rights activists finds his references to beautiful women demeaning.

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