Duterte fears the extremists would sort to “lone wolf” attacks in PH

Duterte fears the extremists
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

President Rodrigo Duterte fears that the terrorists may launch lone wolf attacks after defeating the Maute Group.

“Even I am afraid, in the sense that they might opt for lone wolf attacks again. They have tried massive violent activity and they were defeated.” Duterte said.

According to him, the terrorists would always be there and he does not think it would be vanished in just five to seven years.

“They might, I said, opt for something more than just like a similar violent experimentation with a lone wolf, and the trucks you plow in, drive into a crowd and just kill anybody.” He added.

The five month siege of Marawi ended recently after killing the top leaders of the Islamic State-allied and the remaining stragglers.

Meanwhile, the police are on alert on the run-up to the country’s hosting of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit and related meetings on November, where 22 world leasers are expected to attend.


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