Duterte warns Iloilo City Mayor Jed mabilog as his next target

Iloilo City Mayor Jed mabilog
Image Credit; Mabilog's Facebook page

President Rodrigo Duterte warned Iloilo City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog as his next target, whom he had identified as a ‘narcopolitician.”

“The Mayor of Iloilo City, I identified him, I said: You’re next, you’re next” Duterte said during the commemorative session and concert program of the Association of Southeast Asean national Law Association (ALA) in Malacañang.

On August 31, Mabilog left the country after the President repeatedly warned him to end his drug ties or else, he might get killed if he continues his drug-related activities.

Duterte also claimed that Mabilog was just afraid because he was the number one coddler of drug syndicates in the country, turning Iloilo City into a most shabulized area.

Parojinog, Espinosa, and Mabilog were only some of the government officials involved in drug trade as identified by Duterte.

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