Everything you need to know about the old and new Nokia 3310

New and Old Version of Nokia 3310
The Old Vs. the New version of Nokia 3310. Image Credit: Twitter

Remember the first phone you owned? Remember the iconic Nokia 3310 which became a global hit back in September 2000? Well, the rumors were true Nokia 3310 is back with its new version.

The existence of this simple feature phone had been leaked earlier this month. Nokia fans are indeed all set to get a blast of nostalgia as the Finnish Phone Company unveils their all-new Nokia 3310.

Here are some things you should know about the old and new version of Nokia 3310.


  • There have been 126 million units of the original Nokia 3310 sold worldwide making it one of the most popular phones ever.
  • The original Nokia 3310 was first announced in September 2000 and was released later that year where it cost £129.99.
  • The famous snake game was not first seen on Nokia phones. It was actually an arcade game called Blockade which was created back in 1976.
  • The original Nokia 3310 had actually 35 ringtones built-in with space for seven custom tones.
  • Nokia 3310 that was purchased in year 2000 from Yorkshire still loves his 3310 so much and he’s still using it, in fact it is still going strong.

Features of Old Nokia 3310

  • The old version of Nokia 3310 was design and build with 113 x 48 x 22 mm, 133g. It was usually blue but often seen in a grey color. it also has Xpress-On covers .
  • The old Nokia 3310 had 1.5- inch display that was monochrome. It was flat, offering great contrast , it was simple and to the point as well.
  • The original Nokia 3310 only had few connections. It had dual band GSM 900/1800MHZ. It doesn’t have Bluetooth and Wifi.
  • The old Nokia 3310 doesn’t have camera. Since there were no social networks, selfie didn’t exist unlike what we have right now in this new generation.
  • Since in those days, playing Pokemon Streaming Spotify music or taking selfies doesn’t exists, the battery lasted for days. That’s why it was known for battery life It had 900mAh removable battery, 55 hours standby, 2.5 hours talk time.
  • The Iconic game of the 3310 was Snake. For many people it was fun playing it and it didn’t need to be any better, it was basic but it worked.
  • Nokia 3310 was one of the affordable phones it cost £129.99 and for many people it was their first mobile phone they had.


  • Seventeen years after its initial launch, the most-loved phone of all time is getting a reboot.
  • The new Nokia 3310 release date is set for Q2 of this year yet the firm is unable to give anything than more specific than this April-June time frame.
  • The new Nokia 3310 is all about the past. It’s still a feature phone at a heart, thus you shouldn’t be expecting for an Android or Windows Phone type of Nokia 3310, or even stunning cameras, touch screen, wealth of apps and games because Nokia has kept things tame on the new Nokia 3310.
  • This is designed for people who can’t afford to buy modern smart phones.

Features of New Nokia 3310

  • The new version of Nokia 3310 has 115.6 x 51 x 12.8 mm, 79.6 g. Nearly half the weight and thickness but it is slightly taller and wider. It is not the chunky monkey as well compared to the original version of Nokia 3310.
  • The new Nokia 3310 is still plastic but it’s now glossy in red or yellow and matt in blue or grey.
  • It has a huge display of 2.4-inches, 240 x 320 pixels, 167ppi, and colored LCD.
  • When it comes to connectivity, it has dual band GMS 900/1800 MHZ, micro-USB, Bluetooth, 3.5mm jack, microSD and FM radio. Bluetooth can also be use to connect to a headset or on your car. Neither this phone offers 3G however, it is strictly 2G all the way. Thus, it’s a phone for talking and texting.
  • Since, in this generation most phones are judged by their cameras, the new Nokia 3310 has now a 2MP camera with LED flash yet the experience is not going to be worth it.
  • This is a type of phone where you can probably go away with for a week and doesn’t have to worry about the charger. It has 1200mAH removable battery, 31 days standby, 22 hours talk time.
  • Many people enjoyed playing snake way back 2000. Now that Nokia 3310 reborn, the 2017 version of snake isn’t the same as before because it has been reworked by Gameloft it is now full color and smoothly animated.
  • The Nokia 3310 is available for €49 ($52) in the second quarter of the year. It is designed to appeal the people who can’t afford modern smart phones.



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