10 Facts about Larry Gadon, the man behind Sereno impeachment complaint

facts about larry gadon
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The impeachment complaint against Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno has taken another step. In the complaint filed by lawyer Lorenzo Gadon, he pointed out Sereno’s alleged failure to be truthful in her Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth (SALN) together with tax misdeclarations, and authorized expenses under the Supreme Court.

Now, here are some facts you should about the man behind Sereno’s impeachment complaint.

1. He is a lawyer by profession.
A well experienced company executive and corporate lawyer.

2. He serves as the management and legal consultant of companies.
According to gadon’s official profile on his website, he serves as management and legal consultant of companies involved in reality development, information technology, food manufacturing, aviation and safety technology , and health care.

3. He was widely known as part of the legal team of former President Arroyo.
He represented Arroyo in various press conferences, especially during her hospital arrest for 4 years at the Veterans Memorial Medical Center over plunder charges.

4. He handles litigation of civil cases.
He handles litigation of civil cases for corporate clients.

5. He left being part of Arroyo’s team to run for senator.
He ran for senator under the Kilusang Bagong Lipunan (KBL) – the party known for its affiliation with the late dictator President Ferdinand Marcos on 2016 elections. He was also an adopted candidate of Lakas-CMD.

6. He identified himself as a “true-blooded Marcos loyalist”
According to a daily tribune article published on October 2015, Gadon identified himself as a “true-blooded Marcos loyalist.”

7. He lost in 2016 elections.
He placed 27th and garnered at least 1,971,327 votes. His defeat was not the only thing that came out during the campaign season; he also earned the ire of many Filipinos for his remarks deemed hateful against Muslims.

8. There was a disbarment case filed against him for improper conduct.
Lawyers Algamar Latiph and Musa Malayang filed a disbarment case against Gadon for improper conduct. However, Gadon dismissed it as a nuisance case adding that he is now at any rate a friend of Muslims.

9. He is the President of pro-Duterte Constitutional Reformer.
He enjoys an alliance with the administration. In fact, his Facebook page is full of photos taken during events like general assembly of republic defenders, often featuring other notable allies of President Duterte.

10. He offered to be the lawyer of Duterte Youth.
He offered to be the lawyer of Duterte youth where in he planned to file cases of unjust against musician Jim Paredes over their tense confrontation during the celebration of EDSA People power Revolution.

Meanwhile, Gadon is busy working on cases against what the Duterte administration deemed as “opposition.” However, things are not yet clear whether there is probable cause to pursue the impeachment complaint he filed against Sereno as the House Committee is set to deliberate this matter on November.

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