Facts to know about Miss Universe 2016 Iris Mittenaere

Miss Universe France
After the reign of Pia Wurtzbach, Miss Universe Iris Mittenaere stand out among the 86 candidates. The gorgeous and stunning 24 years old model was announced as the 65th Miss Universe on the 30th of January in the Philippines. Image Credit:  Miss Universe Pageant

After the reign of Pia Wurtzbach, Miss Universe Iris Mittenaere stand out among the 86 candidates. The gorgeous and stunning 24 years old model was announced as the 65th Miss Universe on the 30th of January in the Philippines.

In the Question and Answer portion, the three finalists were asked,  “Name something over the course of your life that you failed at, and tell us what you learned from that experience.”

She said, with the help of an interpreter, “I failed several times in my life. So I thought that I failed the first time that I went out on a casting because my name wasn’t on the list. And the very next day, I found that I was in a new book. So I think that when you fail, you have to be elevated, and that you have to try again, and keep going.”

“If tonight, I am not one of the winners, I will still have the great honor of being one of the three finalists. So I think if I have failed before, but for me this is a great first opportunity,” she continued.

Miss Universe Haiti Raquel Pelissier was crowned first runner-up, while Miss Universe Colombia Andrea Tovar was the second runner-up.

Since the whole world is eager to know more about the New Miss Universe, Iris Mittenaere here are some amazing facts that you should know.

  • The most beautiful woman on the Universe holds a degree in dental surgery.
  • Iris is a native of Lille, a city in Northern France, and her platform throughout the competition has been advocating for dental and oral hygiene.
  • Same as Pia Wurtzbach, Iris Mittenaere is the first European winner since 1990, and also the second French winner after Christiane Martel, who won in 1953. She brought back the title to the country after a big gap of 63 years.
  • Iris joined the Ninja Warriors competition in her country but got booted out on the first round when she slipped and fell. She considers it as one of the most embarrassing moments of her life.
  • She also loves to travel and spend times outdoor. Iris came from the country everyone dream to visit. The places she has been to include China, Italy, Dubai, the Dominican Republic and the Philippines.
  • She has also a passion in cooking and regularly posts photos and videos of her culinary creations on her Instagram account. She recently enjoyed a cooking session with Michelin chef Frédéric Anton and posted about what an honour it was.
  • She celebrated her 24th birthday in the Philippines on January 26. She posted a photo of her birthday cake on her Instagram account with a caption: #wish and #roadtomissuniverse, as if saying what she wants the most for her birthday.
  • She doesn’t only have the looks but she also has a beautiful heart. She is a supporter of the environment, children’s right and the women liberties.
  • In the early part of the pageant, Iris Mittenaere joined some of the pre-pageant activities. Among these were the visits to Baguio and Cebu. During her first press conference as Miss Universe, she was asked what were her best experiences. She answered that aside from eating mangoes which were “the best,” she would remember her visit to Cebu on what she called a “sunny day.” She also stated that she loved the country and the Filipinos.
  • She loves to swim. Iris has been a water lover even when she was still a child.
  • She’s a certified cat-lover. During her first interview as Miss Universe winner she admitted that , she owns two cats.
  • She is a nocturnal person. She is more productive at night and finds it challenging to get up every morning to go to school. She also prefers to have a roommate than to live alone.
  • She loves listening to Beyonce and her favorite song of her is run the world (girls).
  • Same as Filipinos, she has a “family-first” attitude as well. She loves to share photos of her mother and sister on her Instagram account.
  • According to the New Miss Universe, she also feel more comfortable with make-up on.
  • She is a big fan of tennis, She even posted a picture of her on Instagram catching a match between Novak Djokovic and Tomas Berdych at last year’s French open.
  • She once dressed up as wonder woman for a pageant.
  • She loves to eat pizza.
  • She’s a supporter of her country’s national football team.
  • She’s a big fan of Pia Wurtzbach . She was actually inspired by last year’s competition and admitted that she followed Pia and also wanted to do what she did.
  • She doesn’t support Donald Trump She is against the Muslims ban in America. When she was asked about Donald Trump, she said she is against his decision and said the US should have an open border.

On the other hand, according to a page, Miss Universe France has a Filipina blood, since she was a descendant of the late National Hero Jose RIzal. They said that during the time Rizal was in Europe, she met a woman named Nellie Boustead and was the great-great grandmother of the Miss Universe France. The post immediately went viral all over the social media and may netizens were caught with the topic though it was yet to be confirmed.

Surely, France is indeed happy after 63 years, Iris Mittenaere bring home the crown to their country. All of the candidates did their best but only one of them should be crowned as the 65th Miss Universe. Thus, Iris really did amazingly well and deserves the title.

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