Facts you should know about the Catholic Church decades ago

Catholic church
How much do you know Catholic Church? Here are some facts that you might not know about it. Credits Image : Wikipedia

Catholic church is the oldest institution in the country which it carries a lot of history. And since Philippine Catholic church has been criticizing how the Duterte administration reduces crime rate in the country, it became a trend among netizens.

So, how much do you know Catholic Church? Here are some facts that you might not know about it.


  • Many decades ago there were hundreds of priests and nuns who joined the underground movement during Martial law.
  • This might sound shocking to you but the catholic church hierarchy was allegedly encouraged to collaborate with the Japanese during World War II. Bishop Cesar Ma. Guerrero was said to be the leading proponent of Filipino-Japanese collaboration who reportedly extolled the benefits of being under a “sister Oriental nation.” Yet, not all clergymen were in favor of cooperating with the Japanese. This lead to the imprisonment of Rufino Santos, the first Filipino archbishop of Manila and was almost executed but was saved by the Filipino-American forces at the last minute.
  • Catholic church was once a pro-death penalty. It was during the Philippine Revolution when Manila Archbishop Bernardino Nozaleda openly called the Filipino rebels to be exterminated by Fire, sword and wholesale executions. It is also believed that Nozaleda was indirectly responsible for Dr. Jose Rizal’s death when he orchestrated the ouster of the conciliatory Governor Ramon Blanco with the iron-fisted Camilio de Polavieja.
  • During the initial war against the Spanish and later against Americans, the church fell into panic with several Spanish clergymen being killed and imprisoned by the revolutionaries. Thus, nearly one-half of the church’s properties were taken over by the Philippine Independent Church led by Gregorio Aglipay who also said that over half of the population had defected to his church. Supreme court positively ordered the Aglipayans to return all the property they got from thr Catholic church in year 1906.
  • Since RH Law or Reproductive Health Law has been a controversial one nowadays, it still questionably pales in comparison to the hullabaloo of republic Act 1425 or better known as the Rizal law. This bill required public and public schools to teach Dr. Jose Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo which was heavily opposed by the Catholic Church. On June 12, 1956, the bill became a law.
  • In 2006, the office of Exorcism stationed in Manila Archdiocese was formed to fight aginst the growing number of v=cases involving demonic attacks and possessions. It was then, Fr. Jose Francisco Syquia who spearheaded the office and who along with less than a dozen priests in the country is fully authorized to conduct exorcisms. Furthermore, his office also contains hundreds of video tapes documenting several cases of alleged demonic possession.
  • Archdiocese of Manila was one of the world’s wealthiest However, the church officials won’t disclose the financial records, yet it is estimated to run about ten billions of pesos. It is also believed that aside from the donations  some of the money they get also came from its assets including bonds, stock investments, real estate and foreign currency deposits.
  • Catholic churches nowadays frowns the use of any illegal drugs including marijuana but before it was latter supported by catholic church to alleviate the suffering of patients.
  • Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) President Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas stated that Catholic health care ethics also consider the use of marijuana as morally justifiable for terminal cancer patients in severe pain.
  • During the 1898 Malolos Congress, Filipinos decided for themselves to separate church and state.
  • The first documented killer was a Catholic priest. It was during the Spanish Era when a man named Juan Severino Mallari was accused and convicted of killing at least 57 people in the town of Magalang, Pampanga where he was the parish priest from 1816 to 1826. Year 1840 when Spanish hanged Mallari and it also made him the first indigenous priest to be killed by the government.
  • Roman Catholic church is the only Christian church existed for the first 1,000 years of Christian history.
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