Famous cases of hazing in the Philippines

Famous cases of Hazing in PH

The enactment of Republic Act 8049 or Anti-Hazing Law in 1995 under former President Fidel V. Ramos did not end the long-standing tradition of violence in every fraternity, sorority, and other organizations.

Many of the reported cases of hazing are cited below.


  • Leonardo “Lenny Villa”

A neophyte of Aquilla Legis fraternity at the Ateneo de Mnaila Law School, who died three days of blood hazing rites. He was rushed to Chinese General Hospital due to physical injuries. Villa’s case led to the passage of Republic Act No. 8049 or Anti-Hazing Law. According to the testimonies of his co-neophytes shows that they were punched, kicked, kneed, and hit with different objects on their arms, thighs, and legs. They were also paddled at the back of their thighs and slapped on their faces.


  • Ace Bernabe Ekid

The 21-year-old was said to have died from heat stroke while undergoing training in Ternate, Cavite. However, his family and friends insisted that he was a victim of hazing and foul play.


  • Rafael Root Albano III

A 23-year-old student from Camiling, Tarac and a Philippine Military Cadet who died of cardio-respiratory attack due to injuries suffered from hard blows to his lower part of the rib cage. Albano was believed to be killed by members of the Sigma Mu, a fraternity of medical doctors in FEU.

  • Fernando Balidoy

An 18-year-old probationary midshipman, who died while undergoing initiation conducted by upperclassmen of the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy.

  • Monico de Guzman

A Philippine Military Academy (PMA) plebe whose death was attributed to illness by academy officials. However, his father believes that his son died from the notorious “beat attack” on entrants in boot camp.

  • Edward Domingo

A 23-year-old Camiling, Tarlac Native and Philippine Military Cadet (PMC) who died of cardio-respiratory attack due to injuries suffered from hard blows to the lower part of his rib cage. According to PMA press statement issued on April 2, the. PMA tradition has it that new applicants undergo hazing dubbed as “beast attack” for months. “Beast attack” was meant to indoctrinate the cadets with the military family traditions, heritage and general knowledge of the academy and the Armed Forces as a whole. Meanwhile, two cadets were convicted for homicide.


  • Emerson Berry Jr

A 16-year-old fourth year student from the Casanayan National High School, who was beated to death in an initiation rites of Beta Sigma Rho brotherhood in Pilar,Capiz.


  • Mark Welson Chua

A student from University of Santo Tomas exposed corruption among reserve officers’ training corps official and was killed by a fellow student. However, defendants during the trial claimed that Chua died in fraternity hazing rites.


  • Clark Anson Silverio

A mechanical engineering student from Technological University of the Philippines who was declared dead on arrival at the Manila Sanitarium Hospital after cruel initiation rites believed to be done by Tau Gamma Phi fraternity.

  • Marlon Villanueva

A 21-year-old agricultural economics from the University of the Philippines Los Baños, died from severe physical during the fraternity initiation. According to Calamba investigation chief, Chief Inspector Boy Masosong. Villanueva, Marlon was brought to Jose P. Rizal Memorial Hospital around 2:30 a.m by Paril and Gonzales. Calamba investigator and officer-on-case, SPO1 Gabriel Noquera received a telephone call from the hospital, the doctor suspected that Marlon died from hazing. The police immediately arrested Paril and Gonzalez, who are both APO members.

  • Dan Robert Talibutab

A criminology student from St. Therese College in Iloilo was believed to be a victim of hazing of the non-accredited school organization Kapatiran ng Kabataan sa Kriminolohiya.


  • Cris Anthony Mendez

A 21-year-old student from UP National College of Public Administration and Governance was declared dead on arrival at the Veterans Memorial Medical Center. He allegedly died of mauling during initiation rites by Sigma Rho fraternity.

  • Jan Angelo Dollete

A 21-year-old engineering student suspected to be killed in Sapian, Capiz by members of Alpha Phi Omega. He got severe contusions all over the body “inflicted by many.”


  • Chester Paulo Abracias

A Marine Technology sophomore at the Enverga University, Lucena City was paddled to death during a Tau Gamma Phi initiation. Also, a member who surrendered and requested anonymity received death threats.


  • Glacy Monique Dimaranan

A 15-year-old girl who died of a single gunsot wound in the head during initiation rites. The suspect, who was a member of scout Royal Brotherhood in laguna accidentally, pulled the trigger of the gun he was pointing at the victim

  • John Daniel Samparanda

An 18-year-old student form Lyceum of the Philippines in General Trias, Cavite who was believed to have died in Tau Gamma Phi fraternity rites.

  • Elvin Sinaluan

A 21-year-old Scout Royal Brotherhood entrant suffered bruises and contusions during the initiation rites. He started complaining about difficulty in breathing and he was rushed to the hospital but died along the way.

  • Karl Anthony Gaudicos

An 18-year-old engineering student of the Holy Cross of Davao College that died in hazing activities under tau Gamma Phi and Tau Gamma Sigma.


  • Daniel Lorenz Jacinto

A19-year-old student form Mapua Institute of Technology, died from severe bruises on his thighs and body allegedly from Cavite Cardinals Initiation.

  • Noel Borja

A 15-year-old elementary student and neophyte was reportedly assualted to death by members of Tau Gamma Phi. The brotherhood learned that borja’s parents belong to rival Alpha Kappa Rho fraternity.

  • Menardo Clamucha Jr

An 18-year old student from University of Iloilo is said to be weak and in pain during the final initiation.  He vomited numerous times. Based on the autopsy conducted by the NBI-6, Clamucha suffered multiple organ failures, severe intra-abdominal sepsis, ruptured duodenum and blunt abdominal injury. He also suffered multiple abrasions and contusions to his head, trunk and extremities and his cause of death was blunt traumatic injuries on the trunk. NBI-6 also stated that Clamucha were repeatedly hit with a wooden paddle, kicked and punched, and subjected to various forms of humiliation.


  • E.J. Karl Intia

Allegedly died from injuries he suffered during the initiation rites conducted by the members of Alpha Omega Phi fraternity. Intia’s body was later found in a 30-meter deep ravine in Laguna.

  • Ronel de Guzman

Guzman was 20 years old and from Hagonoy, Bulacan, he was taken to an empty lot at a Tau Gamma Phi initiation but unfortunately did not survive the beating.

  • Nor Silongan

A 16-year-old criminology student in Sultan Kudarat, was mauled to death in an isolated area at a Tau Gamma Phi initiation.


  • Marvin Reglos

A 25-year-old law student from San Beda was pronounced dead on arrival from the injuries he suffered during the fraternity hazing rites upon arrival in the Uniciano Medical Center in Antipolo, Rizal. Reglos suffered bruises all over his body and injury in the nape.

  • Marc Andre Marcos

A 20-year-old law student from Sand Beda University was allegedly beaten to death by members of the Lex Leonum fraternity. The accused were cleared from charges in 2013.


  • John Mark Dugan

A 19-year-old sophomore marine cadet in the Maritime Academy of Asia and Pacific, whose death was linked to hazing.


  • Ariel Inorfe

Inorfe was 20 years old then, who suffered badly bruised in thighs, his condition worsened and rush to Bicol Medical Hospital in Naga. Parents claimed that Ariel was a victim of hazing conducted by the Tau Gamma Phi fraternity. Based on hospital records, Inorfe died of kidney failure and an infection after suffering coma said Chief Inspector Reynaldo Reyes of Tagkayawan PNP.

  • Guillo Servando

An 18-year-old sophomore student form Benilde. According to the Manila Police, Servando was killed in fraternity rites; he was in critical condition after the initiation rites. Three other Benilde students identified as Jhon Paul Raval, 18, Lorenzo Agustin, 18 and a 17-year-old-boy who also suffered similar injuries and was rushed to the hospital. Raval noticed while they’re resting they notice Servando was lying lifeless prompting to call Manila Red Cross. The two other victims were rushed to PGH for the treatment of their injuries.

  • Anthony Javier (2015)

A student form Western Mindanao State University died after allegedly undergoing hazing rites. Javier rushed into a private hospital because suffered multiple contusions on both legs. Senior Superintendent Casimiro, Zamboanga City police director, said that Javier died while undergoing medical treatment.

  • Christian de la Cruz

A 14-year-old student of Western Mindanao State University undergo a “30-second massacre” an act where the members of the gang beat up and initiate for a half minute. De la Cruz survived the initiation rites but he was rushed to the hospital by his family after complaining severe stomach ache. The attending doctor said that De la Cruz is in critical condition. The doctor declared De la Cruz dead from internal bleeding according to the report submitted.

  • Horacio Castillo III

A 22 year-old law student from UST died of massive heart attack possibly due to the injuries he suffered said the medico-legal doctor. He had a hematoma on both arms.

These violent acts were supposed to be banned by the Anti-Hazing Law, yet many believe that it lacks the power to actually end the long-standing tradition of violence in every fraternities or sororities.

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