Flight attendant sues passenger who slapped her


A flight attendant of Cebu Pacific Airlines filed charges Thursday against a passenger who allegedly slapped her during a flight from Manila to Davao City on July 30.

Madel Ty of Pasay City filed a complaint against Ma. Vicenta Tello of Cotabato City with the Davao City prosecutor’s office.

Tello, wife of Senior Superintendent Agustin Juan Tello, chief of the police logistics and research division in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) was charged with slander by deed and slight physical injuries.

Based on the complainant’s affidavit, Tello was politely instructed by Grace Fatima Magtibay, another flight attendant, to place her bag in the overhead bin since it was too large to be accommodated inflight. Tello refused, reasoning that she was already wearing her seatbelt and cursed at Magtibay instead.

“You ask us to wear our seatbelts but you tell us to put our bags down. Your job is to assist passengers. Go******t! So rude!” Tello yelled.
Magtibay then informed Ty, who was the cabin crew leader that time about the situation.

It was Ty who safely tucked the bag in the bin while apologizing to Tello, who remained seated. She also offered a feedback form to the passenger who was still making ‘rude’ remarks.

According to Ty, when the plane landed in Davao City, Tello stayed behind and slapped her before leaving.

Another cabin crew member claimed that Tello said she also wants to slap Magtibay.

Tello did not comment on the matter, saying she would answer the charges in court. Davao City chief prosecutor Nestor Ledesma gave her 10 days to answer the charges.

Cebu Pacific spokesperson JR Mantaring told CNN Philippines that four persons witnessed the incident. “Two of our cabin crew, a security member, and the operator of the (airplane) tube,” Mantaring said.

In a statement released by the airline, CEB’s Blacklist Committee said, they have banned Tello from boarding any flights until further notice. The company will also provide the necessary compensation to Ty.

Ty shared her story on Facebook along with photos showing red marks on the side of her face and neck after being slapped by Tello which was shared more than 2,000 times before she erased the post.

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