GRAB Express, used by a woman to send marijuana

A woman who reportedly hired a Grab Express rider to send a wallet that Image Credit: Pixabay

A woman who reportedly hired a Grab Express rider to send a wallet that contains marijuana is now on the Philippine National Police – Drug Enforcement Group’s (PNP-DEG) hunt.

The Grab rider, “Marlon” (not his real name), received a booking from a woman who asked him to send a package which is to be picked up at NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport) Terminal 1 Departure Area last Monday, July 17.

According to Marlon, he asked the sender through text message on what the package would be. The sender then replied that the package to be sent is a wallet or pouch. The woman approached Marlon herself and it is likely to be delivered to her sibling in a school.

He found a 20 peso bill, a candy and a small piece of paper when he opened the wallet to check on its content. He instantly began to feel uncomfortable.

Marlon said he then started to feel nervous, he put the motorbike into a hault to check if something was wrong with it. Then it suddenly came to his mind to check the pouch and on his second time to open it, the pouch was moved and so all was exposed.

Two sachets of marijuana were wrapped inside the 20 peso bill as he rechecked the wallet. He immediately texted the receiver.

“Sir, alam niyo po ba ng laman ng wallet na ito? Isusumbong ko po kayo sa pulis, kasi ginagawa niyo pong gago ang Grab at mga rider.”

“Sagot sa akin, sir hindi ko po alam iyan, ipinapadala lang po sa akin iyan ng tita ko.”Marlon told the police.

(“Sir, do you know what’s the wallet’s content? I will report you to the police, because you are making a fool out of us, Grab riders. He told me, Sir I don’t know anything about that. My aunt is just asking me to take it.”)

Marlon received a text message from the female sender moments later.

“Yung babae nag-chat po ulit saki, kuya kung pupuwede ‘wag na raw pahabain ito dahil mangingibang-bansa ako para sa pamilya ko”

(“The woman chatted me again, ‘Mister, if possible, don’t make this long because I will be going abroad for my family”,) he added.

Marlon immediately reported the incident to the Grab office. Authorities are now trying to find the woman sender and file criminal cases against her.

The modus of using the courier to deliver illegal items or contraband is not new according to the Philippine National Police – Drug Enforcement Agency.

As for Attorney Rigor, spokesperson on the PNP-EDG, when these drug pushers wanted to deliver and pick-up items, they usually contact courier service. Given that these persons (pushers) have fake names. Everytime they use these courier services, the items are delivered without having the risks on them.

In the bombing accident last May that Happened in Quiapo, a package on delivery exploded in transit killing a Grab Express Rider.

Rigor added that our Courier Services are now vigilant. They are now having waivers identifying if the packages are containing contraband items.

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