How to cope with Cyber bullying

Cyber bullying can occur anytime, anywhere and to anyone most especially people are now more exposed to social netorking sites.

Because of technology, bullying is no longer limited to streets or schoolyards since this has become more easier to do. This can occur anywhere, anytime or to anybody most especially social media is now becoming a trend.

For those who experienced cyber bullying, the effect can be devastating where it leads to depression or worst suicidal. There are different kinds of cyber bullying, such as posting someone else’s personal information or images without any permission also known as “sexting” when the content is sexually explicit, posting embarrassing video of someone, making fun of someone’s profile, or even chatting or texting nasty messages to people.

Thus, cyber bullying should never be tolerated . So, I have here some tips that might help you protect and cope with the growing problem of cyber bullying.

How to avoid cyber bullying?

In order to avoid cyber bullying, the best way to avoid it, is to know how to carefully use internet and mobile phones.

  • Think before you click. Before posting photos or videos online, think carefully to avoid cyber bullying.
  • Use the privacy settings on social media.
  • Never forward nasty emails
  • Only give your mobile number to your closest friends or Family.
  • Learn how to report bullying to social media sites.
  • Never give your friends access to your social media accounts.
  • Never give your personal details online such as phone number or address.
  • Block instant messages or mail filters in order to block emails.

How to cope with cyber bullying?

if you are being bullied online. Learn how to deal with all those critiques and bashers on social media.

  • Don’t respond to any messages n o matter how untrue and hurtful it is. Always remember that your reaction is usually what those bullies want from you because it gives them the power over you.
  • Never take revenge, if you don’t want to be one of them then forget about revenge to avoid a whole cycle of aggression,.
  • Get help or talk to a trusted adult like your guardian, parent or teacher. It is indeed always good to involve your parents but if don’t have the courage to tell them everything then a school counselor usually knows how to help you.
  • If all these harassment’s coming from instant messages or profile comments you can block them. You can always use privacy tools to block the person.
  • You can also report the bullying to the internet service provider (ISP) online
  • If it is serious bullying you may report it immediately to the police.
  • Never step onto someone’s level. Even if you don’t like someone it is a good idea to be just decent and act like you don’t care about all those bashing you gained from them.
  • You can save evidences as well if the harassing came through messages which can usually be captured, saved and shown to someone who might be able to help you. You have to do this if it is a minor stuff.
  • And lastly, be a friend not a bystander. Watching or forwarding messages allows the bullies and hurt victims even more. So, if it is possible, maybe you can tell the bullies to stop or just let them know that the harassment they’re doing makes the people look stupid. If you can’t stop all those bullies spreading videos or images of someone well at least try to help the victim and report the behavior.

Since technologies nowadays are growing and people are now more exposed to internet. Cyber bullying is also becoming a trend. It ranges from sending threatening messages through text, chat or email to hacking social networking accounts or stealing someone’s identity just to humiliate other people. Cyber bullies come in all shapes and sizes, anyone who uses internet connection or mobile phone can cyber bully someone else without even revealing their true identity. Most of the time the victims of these cyber bullying commit suicide because of humiliation they received from people online. Any type of bullying can hurt people’s feelings, it could make them feel angry, helpless, isolated or it could lead to problems such as depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. And since a lot of cyber bullying can be done anonymously, many people are doing it for fun without even thinking all the negative outcome of this to the victims.

There are thousands of people who can witnessed cyber bullying since social media can be seen by anyone. The more people it reached, the more humiliating it become to the victim.

However, if you are being bullied, never immediately come up with the negative side of it like doing suicide because life is indeed the most valuable thing we have on this earth. You just have to learn how to deal with it and never blame yourself. Always remember that all those cyber bullies are the people with problem, not you. Try to review cyber bullying from a different perspective, cyber bullying is indeed frustrating yet you have to control your emotions or feelings towards it. Learn to deal with stress, find ways to relieve stress. You can meditate, exercise or positive self-talk just to keep away all those stress inside your body. Spend more time doing things you enjoy, the more you spend time with your hobbies or hanging out with friends, the less significance cyber bullying will have on your life.

We should take a stand in preventing cyber bullying because it should never be tolerated.

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