A powerful Mexican drug cartel is active in PH, Duterte confirms

drug trade
Pres. Duterte confirmed that a major Mexican drug cartel notorious in the US, is actively operating in PH. (image: CC0 Public Domain)

MANILA, Philippines – A big time Mexican drug cartel is actively operating in the country via transshipment, this is according to president Rodrigo Duterte himself in a statement released on Wednesday.

In a courtesy call of the Volunteers of the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting at Malacañan palace, the president confirmed that the Mexican Sinaloa, a major drug cartel, is aggressively using the Philippines in its drug trade, as an intermediate destination.

“I’m telling you now. I will never, never, never hoist a lie on you. That is the truth,” Duterte assured.

According to Duterte, difficulties of reaching the United States as well as other challenges encouraged the drug cartel to target countries like ours. However, it still remains as a notorious illegal drug source in the US.

He also emphasized that it is impossible to solve the drug problem in the country unless he will be able to restrain or even immobilize drug trade.

“Seven years from now, double the addicts, by the increase, then we will have the narcopolitics,” Duterte added.

It is nothing new that the president promised to, by any means necessary, to stop illegal drugs from ruining the lives of the Filipinos. Again, he guaranteed his willingness to put his life and position at stake in his narco war.

“Okay lang sa’kin whatever happens…itong problema ng bayan especially drugs, I’m putting at stake my honor, my life and the presidency,” (It’s okay with me, whatever happens…this is the problem of the country, especially drugs.)

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) confirmed that as early as 2013, authorities have already spotted the presence of the Sinaloa cartel. They added that this particular group sells methamphetamine, commonly known as shabu.

During the same year, an estimated P420 million was seized in Batangas and was confirmed that the haul indeed was from the Mexican Sinaloa drug syndicate.

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