Leni Robredo: Things you should know about the Vice President of the Philippines

Leni Robredo: Things you should know about the Vice President of the Philippines
Leni Robredo's Triumph as the Vice President of the Philippines still caused people to doubt the legitimacy of her victory up until now. She got only involved into politics after the sudden death of her husband, former Naga City Mayor and interior secretary Jesse Robredo. Leni is the only female who run for the second highest post in the country. In Image Credit: LENI 2016 ROBREDO 

Leni Robredo’s Triumph as the Vice President of the Philippines still caused people to doubt the legitimacy of her victory up until now. She got only involved into politics after the sudden death of her husband, former Naga City Mayor and Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo. Leni is the only female who run for the second highest post in the country. In spite of all the bashing she gained from the netizens, she still proves that she’s widely sought by many in the country.

Here are some facts that will surely reveal more about the Vice President of the Philippines.

1. Human rights lawyer and a social activist
Leni is a human rights lawyer for SALIGAN (Sentro ng Alternatibong Lingap Panligan), an organization that offers free legal assistance to the poor. Prior to the death of her husband, she was a practicing lawyer who focused on cases involving the marginalized sector. She also worked with the Public Attorney’s Office.

Aside from being a Human Rights Lawyer, she is also the founder of Lakas ng Kababaihan ng Naga Federation which focuses on giving women training and livelihood opportunities.

2. A supposed to be RTC judge
Leni could have been a regional trial court (RTC) judge if she wasn’t thrust into politics in year 2013. She had been shortlisted to become a presiding judge in any 3 RTCs in the Bicol Region before her husband’s death. Her late father, Antonio Gerona Sr. was also an RTC judge in their home city of Naga, she could’ve followed the footsteps of her father but she withdrew her nomination when her husband died.

She applied as judge for any Quezon City RTC but her plans were interrupted when she had to run for Congress in the 3rd district of Camarines Sur.

3. Studied in San Beda College
Same as President Rodrigo Duterte who finished law at San Beda College, Vice President Leni also studied in San Beda to take her Master of Business Administration.

4. Advocates FOI Act, no to contractualization, zero hunger, shared prosperity and gender equality
Leni is one of a strong advocate of Freedom of Information (FOI) Act even before Duterte’s administration. Leni also admitted being frustrated that this law is ignored in the House of representatives.

Part of Leni’s platform also is to eradicate hunger, equal distribution of wealth and opportunities all over the country. Robredo aims for gender equality as well, allowing women to get equal access opportunities.

Also, she wants to pass the Security of Tenure Bill to improve the working condition of ordinary workers by stopping the long-time practice of contractualization.

5. An ordinary Public Servant
She maintains a simple lifestyle, following the example set by her husband who was known for his simplicity. Her famous “waiting for a bus” photo  at a gasoline station along EDSA, carrying her two bags and waiting for a bus to Naga City  has melted the hearts of every Filipinos who saw her simplicity.

She is known as well for wearing her trademark tsinelas footwear whenever she visits her constituents on her regular interaction with people.

Leni Robredo "waiting a bus" photo
Leni Robredo at a gasoline station along EDSA carrying her two bags while waiting for a bus to Naga City.
Image credit : From Leni Robredo’s Facebook page

6. Against Political dynasty and Death Penalty
According to Leni, death penalty is not a cure for crime. She also wants to put an end in the political dynasty system in the country’s political structure. She show her objection by co-authoring the Anti-dynasty Bill in the Congress She cited a study made by Asian Institute of Management that reveals political dynasty are connected to poverty.

7. Authored 110 Bills
It is the job of Senators and Congressmen to do their jobs filing a bill that will eventually become the law of our land. Other Congressmen like Manny Pacquiao only filed a single bill during his stay in the Congress but Leni is different because she authored 110 bills during her stay in the Congress.

8. Mar Roxas is not just her standard-bearer but a family friend
Roxas and Leni worked closely together even before they became running mate. Roxas is also a godfather to Leni’s youngest daughter Jillian .

9. One of the poorest members during her term at the House of Representatives
Leni had a net worth of P8.0 million in 2014 based on her latest Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN) making her the 49th “poorest” member of the House of Representatives. She also had a slightly higher net worth of P8.29 million in year 2013 SALN.

10. A constructive critic of the administration
Leni has been anointed as one of President Aquino and Liberal Party to assist their standard bearer Mar Roxas in continuing the Daang Matuwid governance. However, Leni believes that aside form commendable accomplishments of Aquino administration, there are still more work to do, things to improve and errors that needs to be corrected. Leni also admitted that not all her positions on issues perfectly aligns well with Roxas.

11. Leni and Jessie had their office Love story
Before they became couple, Leni and Jessie were office-mate and Jesse  was her boss that time. After graduating from the University of the Philippines in Diliman year 1986, she applied for a job at the Bicol River Basin Development Program (BRBDP) that was headed by Jesse. Jesse was the one who interviewed and hired Leni and one year after their meeting, they got married.

12. Playing Piano is her passion
Leni loves to play the piano and her passion was passed  to her three daughters. Her favorite hobby led her to take piano lessons for ten years. But Leni admitted that her daughters play better that she does. Actually her daughters became her Mozarts and Beethovens because she loves listening to them play classical pieces.

13. Sudoku lover
Aside from her passion in piano and from patronizing the works of famous authors like John Grisham and Tom Clancy, she also loves to play Sudoku game at home on her free time.

14. Tea lover and hands-on mom
Leni is known to be a frequent drinker of green tea every morning as she personally packs things inside the bag of her youngest daughter before sending her to school. She also personally plans the itineraries of her family whenever they got the chance to go for out-of-town trips.

15. Condemns Duterte’s war on drugs

Duterte has been a hostile  to countries, leaders and even international organizations that criticized his war on drugs campaign.

The Philippine Vice President Leni is also very vocal contradicting President Duterte’s campaign on war on illegal drugs.

Recently, in a recorded speech uploaded on YouTube, Leni urged President Duterte to refocus his campaign against poverty instead of war on drugs. He also called on Duterte to respect the law, rather than disregarding it.

However, because of this video it calls the administration lawmakers to initiate impeachment against VP Leni since she critic Duterte’s war on illegal drugs which they believe a “betrayal for public trust.”

Leni Robredo’s message to UN narcotics commission by philstarnews

There you have it! Those are just some things you should know about Vice President Leni Robredo who has been gaining critiques from the netizens after being elected as Vice President of the Philippines. For more information about VP Leni Robredo, visit https://lenirobredo.com.

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