PNP: NPA to attack Davao City during SONA

NPA to attack davao City
Day before President Duterte delivers his second SONA, the NPA allegedly plans an attack in Davao City,said PNP chief Bato dela Rosa.

Day before President Rodrigo Duterte delivers his second State of the Nation Address (SONA), the Communist New People’s Army (NPA) allegedly plans an attack in Davao City, stated Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa on Monday, July 17.

According to Dela Rosa, something was monitored from the other side of the NPA. That they will make some pre- SONA attacks and harassments and the PNP has uncovered that it will be in Davao. He also added in a News Press Conference that they are preparing for any efforts of terrorizing Davao City before the SONA, known to be the President’s hometown.

Quezon City District Director Chief Superintendent DuillermoEleazar was asked by the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) Director Chief Superintendent Oscar Albayalde to be the ground commander of the team assigned to handle and secure BatasangPambansa Complex in Quezon City during the SONA.

Albayalde informs that the activists would be prohibited from coming near the Batasan Complex and that security preparations would just be like the past president’s previous SONAS.

Representatives from the Presidential Security Group and the Presidential Management staff, together with Director Camilo Coscalan-head of the PNP Directorate for operations and NCRPO operations chief Senior Superintendent RhoderickArmamento would meet in Cam Crame to come up with a complete security plan for the SONA.

The House of Representatives is very much in-brace as well for possible attacks by terrorist groups and drug syndicates who may want to disturb especially that this is where the president would be giving his address

Having not monitored or checked any other threat, the PNP chief said that they are not disregarding the possibility. And for now, they haven’t received any further specific information yet.

Dela Rosa encouraged and urged the public to cooperate and unite with the authorities in securing peace and order in the community and if any suspicious situation and individuals is to be sighted, directly report it to the police to prevent unforeseen incidents.

He added that we are facing some degree of threats now and he hopes the public to adjust to be able to assist the authorities to ensure peace.

Of course for the recommencement of peace talks with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP), the Political wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), some back channel negotiations are being patiently done by the government.

Dela Rosa said that the PNP still supports the peace negotiation with the Communist Party of the Philippines despite the cruelty and violations the rebels committed.

He is also noted that it would be better if we can achieve peace through peace talks. But if the other side is not sincere, then we cannot do about it but to engage with war and that these are difficult realities in life. And we also do not know if they will listen withtheir kings abroad. Still, if the PNP can manage these fighters on the ground then it would be best to shut the war over. For we have no choice but to fight back if we will be attacked because the police will still have to perform their duty and that is to protect.



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