Pokemon Go is now available in PH: Here are the things you should know

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Pokemon Go is finally available in the Philippines and fans are already thrilled to start their hunt. (image: Eduardo Woo/Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0)

After months of anticipation and weeks of frustration over the delay of its Asian release, Filipino Pokemon Go fans are now rejoicing when the much-awaited game finally became available in the country early Saturday morning.

Today, fans of the game woke up to the great news that the game has been released and could now be easily downloaded through the app stores of both iOS and Android users.

The game was developed when Nintendo collaborated with Niantic Labs with a sole purpose of reviving the spirit of the 90’s game, but this time, making an upgrade that would make the game one of a kind – using augmented reality, GPS technology and the experience of actually catching Pokemons in the real world.

The augmented reality game has already been released in other countries last July and Filipinos even tried some tweaks and tricks just to be able to play the game. It worked for a while until the developers blocked the access of the game in countries where it has not been released yet.

If you are new to the game, here are some things that you should know about Pokemon Go:

  • It is an augmented reality game that is free for both iOS and Android game
  • Over 50 million people already downloaded the game for Android users alone.
  • Niantic Labs developed the game, the same developer for another GPS-based game, Ingress.
  • The game will ask for a full access to Google Account.
  • If you are a beginner to the Pokemon world, it’s alright. You can still enjoy the game without fully knowing the Pokemon lore.
  • The application uses GPS and camera for a full augmented reality experience.
  • You have to physically walk around just to catch a pokemon.
  • You can also engage in battles with your friends soon.

Pokemon Go became first available in New Zealand and Australia early in July before it was scheduled for release in the U.S.

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