Reason behind BOC Chief Nicanor Faeldon’s resignation

Resignation of Nicanor Faeldon as the Bureau of Customs (BOC) Chief. PCOO file photo of former Customs Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon.

President Rodrigo Duterte accepted the resignation of Nicanor Faeldon as the Bureau of Customs (BOC) Chief. Duterte revealed that Faeldon offered to quit BOC post thrice, citing his failure to fulfill his promise to get rid of corruptions in BOC.

However, Duterte once again came to the defense of Faeldon, who has been subject to resignation calls from lawmakers following the controversy involving officials of the BOC.

Now, here’s the reason why BOC Chief Faeldon resigned from his post.


It can be recalled that Faeldon has been under pressure form various sectors, including some legislators to vacate his post for failing to stop the entry of 605 kilos of shabu slipped past Customs’ green lane, which has relatively lax security checks compared to the red and yellow lanes on May 26.

BOC: Importer’s record raised red flags

  • The shabu, imported by a company named EMT Trading, was declared as kitchenware, Neil Estrella, head of the BOC’s Customs Intelligence and Investigation Service, told the Senate hearing. He added that the shabu was discovered in 605 bags stuffed into five cylinders.
  • The senate committee questioned how the shipment, prior to the raid, made its way relatively unhampered on May 23 through customs’ so-called express “green” lane, one of four lanes that shipments have to go through based on the record of importers registered with the bureau.

The BOC told the senate committee that it has four channels for imports:

  • a “super green” lane for multinational companies with a track record of honest business;
  • a “green” lane which needs no further investigation, X-ray, or physical inspection that it has complete and accurate documents;
  • a “yellow” lane which needs document verification;
  • And a “red” lane that makes X-ray and inspection of shipment mandatory.

Capt. Gerardo Gambala of the BOC’s Command Center told the hearing  that the BOC receives up to 10,000 shipments daily and has limited ability to inspect all of these.

Faeldon divulged alleged influence peddling in the bureau.

  • Faeldon divulged alleged influence peddling in the bureau following a rift between the bureau and Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez, who was criticized by a customs lawyer on social media for lobbying the promotion of a favored official in the customs bureau.

Charges filed against Faeldon and other customs officials

  • Charges filed against Faeldon and other customs officials for violations of Republic Act 9165 or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act.

Failure of the BOC in its mission to protect the country from illegal contraband

  • BOC failed in its mission to protect the country from illegal contraband, particularly drugs and its ability or inability to collect the proper taxes.


Meanwhile, Duterte never blamed Faeldon for the shipment of P6.4 billion worth of shabu that slipped through customs bureau in May. Instead, he blames the whole bureau which is corrupt to the core.

“Faeldon, I will stand by him. He’s really honest. Kaya lang nalusutan siya because lahat diyan sa Customs, corrupt (It just slipped past him because everyone else in Customs is corrupt),” Duterte said.

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