Rio Olympics 2016 ends with samba in the rain

rio olympics finale
Credit: Pixabay

The first olympics held in South America has just ended on Sunday with rain, samba and Super Mario at the Maraca Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The ceremony although a bit more low-key than the opening was focused more on Rio’s contribution to the world as an emerging economy. The theme of the finale was “Brazilians can do with their bare hands.”

It started with a video of Alberto Santos Dumont , a national hero hailed as Brazil’s “father of flight” and “father of aviation.” Dancers in full carnivale attire mimicked the Arcos da Lapa, a famous aqueduct constructed in the 18th century. The dancers later on transformed into the iconic Sugarloaf Mountain then morphed into the Rio 2016 official symbol.

Martinho da Vila, a famous Samba singer and songwriter belted out his popular “Carinhoso” (affectionate).

A cantora Mariene de Castro canta enquanto a #chuva apagou a #ChamaOlímpica, durante a #CerimôniaDeEncerramento. Foto: Getty Images/ Cameron Spencer

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Shielded by their raincoats and Olympic umbrellas, the light sporadic rain did not damper the athletes mood as they danced with the samba-infused pop music imbibing a Carnivale atmosphere.

Here is a round up of this year’s Rio Summer Olympics highlights:

  • American gymnast Simone Biles won four golds and asserted her dominance in her field.
  • Swimming legend Michael Phelps won his 23rd Olympic gold medal underlining his title as “King of the Olympic Games”.
  • Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man won three gold before he celebrated his 30th birthday.
  • Rio’s crystal blue swimming pools turning to an eerie shade of algae green.
  • American swimmer Ryan Lochte’s was allegedly robbed at gunpoint and it turned out that he and his friends vandalized a local gas station while intoxicated.

Amidst the hitches and the Zika virus threat, Olympic chief Thomas Bach stamped the event as “Marvelous!”

Japan gamely accepted the challenge of the next Summer Olympics in their country in 2020 with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe emerged from a humongous sewer pipe in the middle of the stadium dressed as Super Mario.

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