Russia turns over military equipment to the Philippines

Russia turns over military equipment
Image Credit: Twitter of Trisha Macas

The Russian Ministry of Defense turned over firearms and military equipment to the Philippines, on Wednesday October 25, 2017.

The military donations includes 20 units of multi-purpose vehicles, 5,000 units of AK-74M Kalashnikov rifles, 1 million pieces of ammunition, and 5,000 steel  helmets.

President Rodrigo Duterte witnessed the turnover of the military equipment during his tour of the Russian anti-submarine ship Admiral Pantaleyev.

Duterte wanted to build stronger ties with Russia and China, considered as rivals of the Us, the Philippines long standing Pacific ally.

Recently, China also turned over 3,000 units of assault rifles to the Philippines. THe rifles would be used by the Philippine National police (PNP).

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