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Science & Tech

Breaking news and top stories about science and technology in the Philippines and around the world for the Filipinos.

seven earth-size planets

Facts about the seven earth-size planets

Scientists have spotted seven earth-size planets around a nearby star, they have never seen anything like this before. According to them, it could all...
Solar Impulse 2

Solar-powered plane sets to complete its journey around the world

The Solar Impulse 2, a revolutionary aircraft that solely runs on solar energy, prepares to complete its final flight in its round-the-world trip as...
Isaac Newton

15 Greatest scientists who changed the world

A lot of people came up with ideas, beliefs, research, experiments, and surveys to bring myths to reality. These people contributed for science to...
pokemon go register

Pokemon Go is now available in PH: Here are the things...

After months of anticipation and weeks of frustration over the delay of its Asian release, Filipino Pokemon Go fans are now rejoicing when the...
Super Typhoon Haiyan

Tropical cyclones will be less frequent but more intense

Upcoming tropical cyclones will be less frequent but more intense all because of global warming! As the temperature on Earth rises, tropical cyclones, also known regionally as...
Chlorine atoms on copper surface

Researchers create microscopic data storage system

A team of researchers in the Netherlands has developed a microscopic storage system that allows data encoding at the atomic level. Led by Sander Otte,...




car crash

Accidents caused by playing Pokemon Go and how to avoid them

Earlier this month, Pokemon GO was finally released in the Philippines. Old and new fans of the lore seem to be enjoying the latest augmented...
Leyte Landing Monument

National ICT Summit 2016 goes to Eastern Visayas

LEYTE, Philippines – Almost three years after super typhoon Yolanda ravaged Region VIII, the eastern provinces of the Philippines has finally caught sight of...
golden crowned flying fox

Island of Luzon: World’s greatest concentration of unique species of mammals

A biological treasure trove better than Madagascar A 15-year project done by a team of American and Filipino authors headed by Lawrence Heaney, the Negaunee...

Spectacular Perseid meteor shower peaks on August 12th!

Each year, the sky breaks out in beautiful sparks made by thousands of shooting stars passing through the atmosphere! This is the famous Perseid...
moon prophecies

Doomsday believers: ‘Black Moon’ phenomenon signals end of the world

A rare Black Moon will rise above the world Friday night, September 30 (Eastern Time), signaling a possible end of the world – this...