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write your opinion

1. Express and write your opinion.
2. Stand up for what you’re fighting for.
3. Get published and become an author at Reporter.PH.
4. Reach thousands to million readers.
5. Earn fame, respect and honor.
6. Receive a Php500 token of appreciation for a single article.

1. Our opinion section is open to all Filipinos (rich, poor, famous or not), whatever their political views are.
2. We will choose the best opinion for the week among those that were submitted to us.
3. We will publish at least one opinion per week.
4. We will contact the author of the chosen article to notify him/her of the publishing of the article and to give our token of appreciation.

The Rules
1. Opinionated article must not show or promote violence, racism and other derogatory words.
2. It must have a minimum of 1,000 words.
3. It should be fair and honest.
4. It must exclusively be published at Reporter.PH
5. Articles that claim facts must be supported by evidences or reliable references.
6. Articles must be written in English with correct grammar and spelling. Short phrases in Filipino/Tagalog/local dialects are allowed as long as they are added with an English translation to make them more comprehensible.
7. The author must use his/her real name. No fictitious author name is allowed

Tips to ensure that your opinion or article will be chosen
1. Follow the rules above.
2. Make your title and headline engaging.
3. Be original.
4. Think about your audience.
5. Be relevant.

How to submit your article:
Send an email to with the following information and attachments:
1. Your article in MS Word file.
2. Information about yourself (name, address, short bio, email, Facebook profile, and other necessary information).
3. Photos that you want to feature in your article, if any.

We reserve the right to reject opinions or articles that we deemed poor in quality and do not adhere to our rules. We also reserve the right to give suggestions for improvements and make the necessary editions or changes (with the consent of the author) to make the article better.

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