The important highlights of the second SONA of Duterte

In his SONA, the president mentioned about relevant points that his government has fulfilled in the past year and the things still needed to be addressed. SCREENGRAB FROM AN RTVM VIDEO)

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte delivered his second state of the Nation Address (SONA) at the House of the Representatives, Batasang Pambansa Complex, Quezon City on Monday, July 24.

The SONA is a speech delivered by the President of the Republic of the Philippines to give the country’s social, economical and political condition before the people and the Congress. This occasion is televised in major TV networks in the country, and in which the President also summed up and summarizes the achievements and the plans that are laid in the future by his administration.

In his SONA, the president mentioned about relevant points that his government has fulfilled in the past year and the things still needed to be addressed.

A request to assemble on authority to answer to the conditions of the 21st Century.
President Duterte also requested on the House of the Representatives, to make a law forming a new department to give improved fast disaster response and disaster resiliency.

The K-12 implementation.
The Philippines adopted the K-12 program, wherein 13 years of basic education in the Philippines is set under this program. Starting from Kindergarten to Grade 3, Grades 4 to 6, Junior High School and Senior High School. In relation to that. Duterte said during his speech about the widened reach of training for skills improvement and increased counts of the out-of-school-youth who participated with the Alternative Learning System

National Smoking Ban – Executive Order no. 26
The Smoking Ban is just one of the few recent orders signed by Duterte. This law prohibits smoking in certain public places. According to Duterte, He wanted to minimize the access to different tobacco products, and be able to produce a more supportive environment for those who are trying to atop tobacco use

Enhancement of land transportation and sea connectivity.
In relation with the connectivity, 15 brand new Ro-Ro ships were introduced to cross major routes in the country. New shipping routes under the ASEAN Ro-Ro were also opened, connecting Philippines to Indonesia, as well as ports of Davao and General Santos. Ports of Zamboanga, General Santos and Cagayan De Oro were modernized as mentioned by the President.

2017’s Program for Comprehensive Tax Reform.
The tax reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) was implemented being one of Duterte’s first in line reforms. This will address the troubles of the previous tax system by decreasing personal income tax, making simple terms on the donor’s and estate taxes, widening the Value Added Tax and expanding taxes of oil and automobile excise taxes.

The request to legislators to pass the NALUA (Land Use Act).
This is just one of the first few matters that Duterte emphasized during the SONA. This act secures the efficient use of land by severe planning procedure to check on land us. Through this, there will be a good allotment of natural resources steady with the concept of stable development.

Citizen’s Complaint Hotline of “8888”
The Duterte administration has founded a public hotline facility last 2016, wherein the public could give their complaints and concerns against the government. Through this hotline, the citizens now have a pillar to deliver their reactions on various issues corning the government ways and other matters.

The policy of “No Balance Billing”
Duterte assured Filipinos to be given enough access affordable and the best health services. Under this policy, during the patient’s confinement period, no other payment fees shall be charged from indigent patients.

2017’s National Broadband Plan.
The Present administration’s cabinet approved the National Broadband Plan of 2017 for the enhancement of the Philippine’s internet connectivity. This will bring access to all community.

Prioritizing of an efficient, responsible and well-managed environment.
All mining operators as well as contractors were warned by the President to stop from doing irresponsible damaging of our natural resources. Duterte also pointed out the non-negotiable policies on the preservation and protections.

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