Trillanes willing to go to jail if wrong about Duterte’s bank accounts

Senator Antonio Trllanes IV
Senator Antonio Trllanes IV. Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Senator Antonio Trllanes IV is willing to go to jail if President Rodrigo Duterte is proven to be clean. Recently, the senator signed waivers to probe offshore bank accounts where Duterte allegedly kept money.

“I have been challenging him to write a waiver similarly and if proven wrong, I am going to resign immediately. And not only that, I’m going to walk into any jail he prefers… without even a trial,” Trillanes said.

According to him, the waivers were also based on social media posts of broadcaster Erwin Tulfo, Ben Tesiorna who owns Davao Breaking News, and Presidential Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson.

On the other hand, Trillanes is also willing to open the local bank accounts to prove that he is clean.

“The President should challenge me again for a specific bank that I have hidden millions or billions there. I’m going to sign a waiver outright. But I’m going to issue again the challenge,” he said.

According to his 2016 statement of assets, liabilities, and net worth, Trillanes is the poorest of the senators, with a total worth of about P6.5 million.

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