What Duterte supporters are fighting for?

Duterte Supporters

Imagine a room — a quite, dark and dirty area of your home where cockroaches, mosquitoes, rats and other pests are hiding and silently destroying your entire house.

Then imagine there’s a person who, after several decades, will try to clean up that room and put a light in it.

What will happen next is of course chaos. When the light is switched on, the creatures of the dark will be exposed. They will be rattled.

They will try their best to escape or fight back.

There will be blood.

President Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte has already told us before the elections that if he wins, his presidency will be bloody.

16,601,997 Filipinos voted for Duterte. They knew there will be blood in Digong’s war against drugs, criminality and corruption. They knew it’s not easy to achieve security, prosperity and peace in this country.

I’m one of those more than sixteen million Filipinos who voted for Duterte.

Yes I’m a Duterte supporter and I don’t regret offering him my single vote which I can only give once in every six years.

However, in my own opinion, not all Duterte voters are Duterte supporters. Not all who call themselves Duterte supporters are his supporters. And not all whom you call Dutertards are Duterte supporters.

The real Duterte supporters are those who fight along the fights of President Duterte. They are the people who cause more good than harm to Digong’s battle against the dangerous pests who are consuming our beloved country.

We are fighting alongside with Tatay Digong because…

1. We are fighting for the truth and freedom.
We’re already tired of the hypocrisy and lies of the trapos or traditional politicians in this country. Duterte’s mouth may be reckless and can often utter words that are not for the faint-hearted, but his words are the reflection of our reality.

We’re fighting for transparency and freedom to information. We want the truth to be exposed because as the old saying goes… “the truth shall set us free”. We believe that Tatay Digong is a man of candor – a person who has the strong political will to expose the darkness and evils in this country.

2. We are fighting for a real democracy.
Yes, we’re in a democratic country. But are we really enjoying democracy? Democracy has been an illusionary figure in the Philippines. A genuine democratic nation is one which is controlled by the people. The Philippines is not – our country is controlled by the oligarchs, the few influential politicians and even the powerful criminals. These greedy people are taking the wealth of our nation, enslaving many Filipinos who are suffering from poverty and lack of education.

By putting Duterte in presidency, we have luckily shown the power of democracy – the power of the people. However, our fight for a real democracy has just started. As long as the oligarchs, the corrupt politicians and the criminals exist, our democracy is still in peril.

3. We are fighting for justice.
We may be victims of criminality or corruption during the previous government administrations. However, we are not seeking for vengeance but for justice. We’re fighting for justice to be served equally to all Filipinos, rich or poor. We’re fighting for justice so that the Filipino people will feel and experience equity… so vengeance may not continue.

Without understanding the unprivileged people, one cannot provide justice to them. We have chosen Duterte because we can feel his compassion for the poor who are often the victims of injustice in this country.

4. We are fighting for respect and honor.
The Philippines has been battered by corrupt leaders, both in the national and local level. They’re making the act of corruption as a tradition. They’ve shown no respect to our laws. They do not honor their promises of good public service to the people. And because these leaders are the role models in this country, the common people are influenced by their foolishness. Many Filipinos think that it’s just okay to disobey simple laws like traffic rules and local ordinances.

We are fighting to regain respect and honor for the Filipino nation. We want discipline, patriotism and love for our country to be strong once again.

5. We are fighting for our security.
Silence doesn’t mean safety. Many Filipinos have been living in fear and distress. You cannot walk alone in the dark streets of Manila. We can’t even wear our backpacks in our back in fear of the thieves. When we travel to enjoy a vacation, we fear the airport personnel who might put a bullet in our luggage. We can still feel our traumatic experiences when super typhoon Yolanda hit us and the government lacked actions to rescue us.

How can we feel secure if the drug personalities in prison can still operate their illegal business? How can we feel confident when the government funds which are set aside to be utilized in protecting us from criminality and natural disasters are being embezzled by the corrupt?

We are fighting alongside Tatay Digong because we want security for our lives, our properties and our nation. We want to be secured inside our house, in malls, on the streets and in our homeland.

6. We are fighting for long-lasting peace.
We’re in war because we wanted peace – a long-lasting peace. We cannot prepare for peace if we cannot prepare for war. In this war, there have been spills of blood. We are deeply saddened by the innocent lives lost. And deep inside, I also feel sad for the lives of the criminals which are destroyed in this war. But what else can we do? We cannot let the criminals, the corrupt and the terrorists to murder thousands or even millions of innocent lives.

We feel fortunate to have a leader who can both strategically go on war or negotiate to achieve long-lasting peace. We never had a modern leader who understands the deep roots of continuing wars in Mindanao. We never had such president who will not hesitate to expose the wrongdoings of the country’s biggest criminals. We never had someone like Duterte who can sacrifice his own life just to give us the gift of peace we’ve been longing for a long time.

7. We are fighting for our development.
We’re already exhausted of the traffic jam in Metro Manila, which is costing the Philippines P3 billion a day. We’re already overly exasperated with the slow Internet connection, which takes away our precious time and money. We’re already so disappointed with the red-tape in the government agencies and expensive taxes, which hinder the growth of SMEs in our country.

No matter how the media people report that the Philippine economy is growing, we can’t feel it for the last six years because we’re still experiencing a third-world transport system, a third-word internet connection, and a third-world government service system.

We fight because nobody can fool us. We are fighting against the corrupt and the oligarchs who are causing poverty in this nation.

8. We are fighting for our children and the next generation.
We want our children, grand children and the next generation to inherent the legacy of security, peace and progress in our country. There will be blood and casualties, as the criminals retaliate. They will cause fear and terror to the Filipinos to weaken our stand. But we, the Filipinos, are known to be brave and fearless.

If our ancestors died for us so that we can enjoy freedom from the foreign invaders, why can’t we fight so our children can live a brighter future? Why don’t we fight to give a great present to the next generation?

9. We are fighting for good leadership.
In my own honest opinion, I have never faced a leader who’s sincere and has a strong political will as President Duterte. He’s not definitely a messiah, a super hero or a “pabida”. But he’s a man of action. He gets things done unlike other political leaders who are just a bunch of broken promises.

We are fighting to get this 71-year old tough-talking leader from Davao City to do his own job of fixing this broken country. We believe that every Filipino, whether you’re the president or a simple citizen of this country, must do his or her own job to bring the Philippines into peace and prosperity.

10. We are fighting for our last hope.
The Filipino people have suffered too much pain and miseries in the recent decades. Yes, we are hopeless and desperate to make a better change in this country. We cannot afford to wait another six years while seeing more innocent Filipinos being killed in the streets by drug addicts and criminals. We cannot afford to wait while hearing bandits kidnapping, terrorizing and killing a thousand more Filipinos and foreigners. We cannot wait for another natural calamity to strike us and suffer the same experience that the Yolanda survivors have suffered.

We are fighting for this opportunity that God, the Heaven, the Universe or the evolutionary probability has given us.

Finally, I’m also fighting for that day that no one will be called Duterte supporters, Dutertards, Yellow supporters or Noytards anymore… because everyone is already united and simply called Filipinos.

About the Author: Victorino Q. Abrugar is a 35 year old Yolanda survivor from Tacloban City. Vic is a retired Certified Public Accountant, a blogger, a public speaker and an entrepreneur. He’s a co-founder of a start-up digital marketing corporation which operates a few community-driven new media sites, including Reporter.PH.

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