Why you shouldn’t be bitter on Valentine’s day

Valentine's Day
Valentine's Dayhas a lot of meaning. It doesn't have to be just about romantic relationships. We celebrate it, to show love for our Family, Friends or special someone.

Why does it seems like all single folks hate Valentine’s Day? Why does every time Valentine’s day is fast approaching you’ll hear a lot of rants from bitter people?  This seems to be a growing trend nowadays most especially to the younger generation. But I wonder what makes it different from any other occasions like Christmas, New year or Thanksgiving? Where in fact it’s just a day meant to bring you closer to your loved ones.

Valentine’s Day is actually a day of love but this is not only for couples. Instead of being a day of love, this has become a day for single folks to grumble about how frustrated and lonely they are.

First of all, there are actually a lot of reason to be happy of rather than being jealous or discouraged about celebrating Valentine’s Day as single. Single folks out there have absolutely no reason to be bitter on that day or any other day because you are indeed loved by your family and friends so better stop the pity party. You may not have a perfect Facebook or Instagram- worthy relationship but I know for sure you have your family and friends with you, who loves you better than the love you’re looking for. Why not just think of all the things people in a relationships deal with every day. Would you enjoy ditching your friends for your significant other? Would you want to take a four hour fight just because you did not immediately reply on his/her message? Would you like the feeling the need to constantly attached to your phone so you can update someone’s every move? or would you just stay calm and wait for God’s perfect time because he’s still busy writing the best love story you’ve been yearning for? There is more to life than to be in a relationship right now.  So, instead of posting rants on Facebook about your nonexistent love life which is actually yet to come, why not just celebrate Valentine’s Day to show to your family and friends how much they mean to you.

I have here five reasons why you shouldn’t be bitter on Valentine’s Day that might help you have a different outlook about it.

  • It makes others happy

Being bitter on Valentine’s Day makes other people happy because it only means you’re being jealous about them having blissful love life.  If you want to avoid looking bitter, avoid bashing Valentine’s Day. I understand that being single on Valentine’s Day gives you the idea of asking why you’re single?  Have you failed to seek out opportunities to find love? Have you made a mistake that’s why your past relationship ended so soon? or Aren’t you attractive, interesting and appealing?

However, instead of being bitter on valentine’s Day why not just try to be happy for those people who enjoys to be in a relationship?  why not just spread the love to people you really value?

Self pity, frustrations and acrimony is not the right attitude that you should acquire. Beautiful things happen when you distant yourself form negative vibes, it wouldn’t help you anyway. Just surround yourself with happy thoughts and be happy for those people around you.

  • You’re free

Rather than complaining about not having a date on valentine’s Day, just think of the element of social obligation to it that can cause a little stress to couples.

First, they need to buy gifts, make reservations then end up trying to enjoy meal at an overcrowded restaurant. While if you’re single, you have nothing to worry about. You could just enjoy watching your favorite TV shows or movies, you could just sit all day and enjoy your coffee while reading your favorite book.  See, there’s still good things about being single on Valentine’s Day. You have freedom,  free from all those shits and stress . Thus, there is nothing to be frustrated of.

  • It is not just for couples

It has a lot of meaning. It doesn’t have to be just about romantic relationships, we celebrate Valentine’s Day to show love for our Family, Friends or special someone. You might not have a boyfriend or girlfriend for now but celebrating that special occasion with the people who loves you the most is actually one of the greatest and wonderful thing to do rather than complaining and being bitter about being single or not having a date. There’s no sense in being upset about being single; it probably won’t last forever.

  • There’s more to life rather than being in a relationship for now

Complaining about being single shows that you’re placing too much of your happiness in being a relationship. Lewis once said “Don’t let your happiness depend on something you may lose.” Being bitter just because you’re single shows that you should learn to realign your priorities in life.

You should never rely your happiness on relationships, instead focus that happiness to Jesus. Keep your eyes on Jesus because he never lost sight of where he was headed. His love is greater than your junk.

  • God is writing your best love story

You don’t need to rush things looking for a perfect match. God is still writing the best love story for you. You just have to sit down, relax and free your mind from jealousy, insecurity or frustrations you feel towards sweet couples you usually see along the road, restaurants or at your school.

Enjoy being single because when the perfect time comes you’ll surely miss everything about it. So, better not be bitter on Valentine’s Day or any other day. Think of the sweeter side rather than the bitter one. Time will surely come when you no longer need to worry about Valentine’s Day but for now, enjoy it and be happy for other people.


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