10 Reasons why you should watch “Kita Kita”-A promising “kilig” film of 2017


Kita Kita is all blithe and funny movie, not until you reach the point where it hits you in the face with the reality of life and death that definitely sets it apart from the rest of its genre peers.

We, Filipinos love romantic comedies especially ones that have cliched narratives, but this film will surely give you a rollercoaster ride of emotions. In the short but sweet teaser, I have this feeling that I badly need to watch it. The story gave me a “kilig” factor at the same time it was full of humor. Two people, seemingly an unlikely match met during their downcast. Now it leaves me with curiosity and I have to know what will happen next in their love story.



So, the time Kita Kita opens in theater nationwide, I immediately rush to a nearby cinema. Honestly, I didn’t expect it to be the way it was. And now, I’m thinking of writing 11 reasons why you should watch it, because it really deserves to be seen on the big screen.

1. You’ll fall in love, laugh, and Cry.
The film perfectly falls into the category focusing on the supposed disparity in looks. Their conversation culminates in as the boy.’s smooth, sweet-smelling words amuse the girl and the two laughs together, just made my heart shuddered in delight. The first act of the film is a bit too kooky and sometimes down right cheesy.You can feel the strong connection and the “kilig” factor like it’s nothing you’ve ever felt. It socialized humor that almost every Filipino can relate. It will make you feel in-love, laugh, yet will surely make you cry as you finally reach the ending.

2. You’ll experience a roller-coaster ride of emotions.
Honestly, I have these mixed emotions during and after the film. I was happily in-love yet it made me feel disappointed at the same time sad because of what happened. You will definitely be in an emotional sequence or a downright hilarious one.

3. It will make you watch it all over again.
Now, I can say that this is the type of film you won’t regret spending your time and money watching for it. After leaving the cinema, I badly want to watch it all over again. Why? Because it hits me and it leaves something in my heart that every time I hear the OST of the film, I will always be reminded about how smart the director, the writer and all the people behind it.

4. Kita Kita is not your typical Rom-com.
Despite of the fact that it has been retreaded a lot of times, there are still something jovial and cathartic seeing two people loving who they love. Further and most importantly, it was able to come up with a great new way to utilize the usual tropes seen in the romantic comedy genre. It packs all the emotional punch and yet it is lighthearted and feel-good.

5. Good choice of characters.
Alessandra de Rossi is really very much at home in these offbeat roles in indie films. She has such a natural performance style that is refreshing to watch. Her character Lea is so kind and generous, but she really had it very tough when she lost her fiance and her vision one after the other. De Rossi captured this bitterness and wariness so well, such that Lea’s gradual opening up to Tonyo’s offer of friendship was such a delight to witness.

While, Empoy Marquez has been a familiar comic face on various TV shows, the utilization of the cliches paired well with the additional levity that he brought to his performance – from his quippy lines to his facial expression, were all strung together very well. It’s even surprising that even with the sometimes cringe-worthy dialog; its emotional message was effectively conveyed.

The good thing about this film also, is that it only has two characters, only two yet they portrayed it and handle the story very well.

6. A lot of lessons you’ll learn.
So far, there were a lot of realizations and lessons I learned after watching the film. First, you cannot tell or choose whom to fall inlove with. Second, disparity on the looks doesn’t matter. Third, your mishaps in your life will lead you to someone who will help cheer you up, because God won’t allow you to feel lonely, he will always send people to make you happy again. Fourth, your disability is not a hindrance to be happy and enjoy life. Fifth, sometimes people may have eyes to see but too blind to see things visible. And lastly, sixth, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together, what matters most is the comfortability and the happiness you share to each other. And that’s the time, you suddenly feel like you’ve been together for a long time.

7. You’ll left the cinema in daze.
After watching the film I was left there in daze, staring off in space, teary-eyed, and everything that happened in the movie still can’t sink in my mind. Just when you thought where the story is going, its story spirals in a blink of an eye – elevating the film to greater heights.The way the film was crafted together somehow worked. The risk resulted into a feel good movie that is also grounded.

8. You’ll have a hangover with the film.
Well, I really have a hangover with this film, even until now. And since I still can’t get over it, that’s when I decided to write an article about it. As someone who is film enthusiast, I guess it will take weeks before I get over it because so far, that’s the best Filipino film I watched this year. Filipino movies are really improving.

9. Make you want to travel to Japan.
The setting is picturesque Saporro, Japan. Japan is the place where I badly want to travel someday and it was good to know that the film was shoot in my fave place. The Japanese milieu adds an element of charm and mystique. You’ll see the beauty of Japan in the film and after watching it, you’ll surely want to travel there.

10. Great cinematography.
I was amazed by how the film was made. From the story, characters, to the cinematography, it was all good work for the team. The introduction was a nice shot, from a closed up shot of a woman’s eye to a wide shot. From the first shot itself, it already fits in the title “Kita Kita” (I see you). Aside form that the editing was not messy. They have very simple shots yet they were able to come up with a great film.

This film written and directed by Sigrid Andrea Bernardo is definitely not the typical rom-com. Bernardo is also the brains-behind the award-winning films “Ang huling Cha-cha ni Anita and “Lorna”. Spring Films, Piolo Pascual’s independent production company, produced the movie. It was a story of two people- a man (Empoy Marquez) who is in love with a blind woman (Alessandra de Rossi). A pretty Filipina named Lea in the film works in Japan as a tourist guide. She had been engaged to marry a Japanese boy for five years but that did not pan out. One day, in a moment of extreme stress, Lea suddenly lost her vision. Enter her next-door neighbor, a homely but funny Filipino guy named Tonyo. Despite her constant rebuffs on account of her blindness, Tonyo wins Lea’s confidence over with his friendliness and sense of humor, eventually encouraging her out of her shell.

This is a film worth watching for; I hope I encourage you all to watch it.

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