Be a Reporter

Do you have something to report and be known publicly? Is there any news, story or happening in your town, province or region which is not reported by the traditional media? Do you think that the common media entities are reporting biased news rather than the truth? Do you want to spread the good news about your town and promote it to the world?

Be a volunteer Citizen Reporter now.

Share your news, stories and opinions about the Filipinos, the Philippines and its regions.

Reporter.PH gives every Filipino an opportunity to voice out and be heard.

Whether it’s good news or a bad news, as long as it speaks the truth, feel free to share it to the Filipinos, wherever they are in the world.

Here are some of the news reports or stories you can submit to us:

  1. Breaking news and stories about the Philippines or about your town/city/province/region
  2. Fair and honest opinions about the current issues and happenings in our country (Visit this page for more rules about submitting your opinionated article.)
  3. Reliable reports (with evidences) about corruption and other government malpractices, which are happening in our country or in your town
  4. Good news and inspiring stories about the Filipinos, wherever they are in the world
  5. Interesting stories to promote tourism and culture in your town, province or region

Here’s how to submit your report to us:

Send the following to

  1. Your news or story
  2. Feature image/images representing your story (photos must be owned by you, or if not owned, must be free from copyright or royalty, such as public domain pictures)
  3. Your name and short bio

We might also choose and invite our volunteer reporters to become our regular reporters, journalists or columnists.

We reserve the right to review and reject stories which do not conform to our quality guidelines and standards.

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