Death penalty pros and cons in the Philippines

Death penalty pros and cons in the Philippines
Death penalty which is also known as "Capital punishment" is a legal process where the state sends a death row inmate to execution as their punishment for a serious offense committed. Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Death penalty which is also known as “Capital punishment” is a legal process where the state sends a death row inmate to execution as their punishment for a serious  offense committed.

Other countries still practiced this but it has been abolished in United States and still observed in several states. While death penalty in the Philippines, just passed on its third and final reading that seeks the return of it last Tuesday, March 07.  There are still strong opinions shared by both anti and pro- death penalty.

And since this has been a long standing argument between two opposing parties. Here are the list of “Pros” and “Cons” of death penalty.


  • It daunt people to commit dreadful crimes l. Criminals will get scared of committing crimes because they will suffer such harsh punishment. The fear of suffering will discouraged this potential criminals to commit crimes.
  • Death penalty costs the government less. compared to the costs of life imprisonment because they will be given the expenses of food, health care and other costs that will sustain their lives. Some critics says that spending for people who committed such heinous crimes is impractical and just a waste of taxpayers’
  • Death Penalty will reduce the number of crime rate in the country because criminals will just be taking advantage of people without harsh punishments.
  • It is what hardened criminals deserve. Criminals become bolder and careless to commit crimes knowing that they will only be imprisoned that is why they are not scared of repeating heinous crimes. Thus, these type of people should be put to death to project the majority.
  • Death penalty is just punishable to drug related crimes only, which was stated under the House Bill Number 4727. However, President Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte wants plunder, rape to be next in line among the heinous crimes punishable with death penalty.

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Here’s a video of lessons from death row inmates by David R. Dow.



  • There are innocent people wrongly executed. Critics believed that they keep on sending innocent people who are wrongly accused to death row and the sad thing about this is that, innocence is proven after the execution has been carried out.
  • Critics also argue that death penalty does not really deter criminals from committing crimes, since there are criminals who suffer from mental illness and death sentence will not prevent them from doing things they can no longer control without proper medication.
  • Pro death penalty believed that feeding the inmates is much more expensive than death penalty. On contrary to that, Anti- death penalty believes that the drug used in lethal injection and other expenses related to execution is much more costly.
  • Death penalty is a form of revenge.  While pro death penalty thinks that capital punishment is a form of death retribution, Anti death penalty also believes that to avenge a crime committed by individual may be understandable yet killing someone is also unconstitutional. It is also a crime that is only masked by the term capital punishment but the reality is, it only continues the series of violence.
  • People who have been involved in the process of death penalty suffer from depression out of guilt from having to end another person’s life. Former executioner once stated that people who participated in executions were later destroyed, some of them turned to drugs and alcohol to feel better.
  • It is a platform that is anti-poor because accused people who are poor are mostly the ones who get the death penalty, since these people lack finances to pay for a powerful defense attorneys.
  • It is not humanity and cannot be undone. Those innocent criminals who got executed and then latter would have proven the person’s innocence, he or she can never be brought back to life anymore.

With the ongoing issue about death penalty, opinions continues to be divided. Deciding which opinion is able to prove a more logical perspective regarding on the issue can be challenging with the disparate views of proponents and opponents.


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