Doomsday believers: ‘Black Moon’ phenomenon signals end of the world

moon prophecies
Moon worship had been practiced in old religions around the world but for some believers, it is still considered as a center of pagan ceremonies even at present, (image: CC0 Public Domain)

A rare Black Moon will rise above the world Friday night, September 30 (Eastern Time), signaling a possible end of the world – this is according to some apocalyptic prophesies circulating online and among the believers of pagan traditions.

Doomsday believers around the world have claimed that the black moon could mean that the end of days is near and the “second coming” is finally at hand.

However, scientists immediately dismissed the reports and assured that black moons are normal occurrences and the lunar event is just a reference used to one of four usual astronomical incidences that involve a ‘dark’ moon, commonly known as the New Moon. A New Moon, as everyone is aware of, is one of the many phases of the moon when it is not visible from earth because of its position in relation to the Sun.

Tomorrow’s ‘black moon’ is the second occurrence of a New Moon in the calendar month of September.

In fact, the last time that we have experienced a ‘black moon’ was February 18 last year. The next event of a dark moon will be on October 21, 2017.

The ‘Black Moon’ is forecast to reach its peak at 8:11PM Eastern Time in the US. However, because of the difference in time zone, it will be 8:11AM in the Philippines. Thus, it will not be observed from our country during that time but could possibly be ‘seen’ on Saturday evening.

In addition, this relatively rare lunar event will be more or less invisible, just like a normal New Moon. Even for people from the Western Hemisphere where the event will take place, won’t be able to fully ‘experience’ it.

According to doomsday believers, the concern centered on the previous occurrence of the ‘ring of fire’ solar eclipse on the first day of September. They believe that the combination of the signs, is linked to biblical apocalyptic prophecies.

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