Duterte orders to ‘shoot to kill’ armed NPA members

Duterte orders to 'shoot to kill'
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

President Rodrigo Duterte said he has ordered his security forces to shoot armed New people’s Army (NPA) members as he revealed that an executive order is being prepared to declare the NPA’s as a terrorist group.

Duterte also stated that an order declaring the NPA as terrorists would mean that the rebels would be treated like criminals.

“I am preparing now. They are preparing the executive order declaring them to be terrorists and they will be afforded the treatment of being criminals.” He said.

“There will be no filing of cases under the public security like rebellion because rebellion is considered sometimes a noble undertaking, it’s only because you want your country to do better.’ He added.

The President also reiterated that his job was only to seek peace and not to start a war.
On the other hand, Vice President Leni Robredo find this order illegal, she also stated that even if aimed at suspected rebels it is not in accordance with the constitution.

“What our laws say is, if someone erred, there is a process to know if the charges are true ad there are inappropriate penalties for the charges. Robredo said.
She also said that the rule of law would be eroded if people were allowed to take the law into their own hands.

However, Malacañang defended the President’s order for soldiers to shoot and kill armed members of NPA.

“The crime of rebellion is a crime taking arms against the government.” Presidential spokesperson harry Roque said.

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