Hilongos IED Bombing: Updates and latest stories

Hilongos Plaza Bombing
Several people were hurt in an explosion in the town plaza of Hilongos, Leyte, past 9pm on Wednesday. Image Credit: Bijan M Bijan

Several people were hurt in an explosion in the town plaza of Hilongos, Leyte, past 9pm on Wednesday. According to, Chief Insp. Alberto Renomeron, Hilongos police chief, two IEDs exploded at the Rizal Plaza but the third IED planted outside the church didn’t explode.

Initial reports received by the Leyte governor said a boxing event was in progress as part of the town’s fiesta celebration when something exploded.

Hilongos town is about 152 kilometers south of Tacloban City, the regional capital. It is a second class town in Leyte with regular daily ferry trips to Cebu and Bohol.

Mayor Albert Villahermosa, believed that this could be retaliation of their campaign against criminality, resulting to the arrest of Muslims involved in car theft, illegal drugs and production of fake money.

On the other hand, Rep. Carlos L. Cari posted on his Facebook page about the wrong information spreading online that there were 10 people dead on the Hilongos bombing which causes confusion and panic among people. He also added that the Local Government of the district are now reviewing security plans of respective towns/city.

On the night of the blast

  • Chief Insp. Alberto Renomeron, Hilongos police chief, said in a phone interview, said two IEDs exploded at the Rizal Plaza where people were watching a boxing event in celebration of Hilongos’ annual fiesta.
  • The first explosion happened somewhere near a tent before the announcement of the winner of the match. After few seconds, another IED was exploded. One of the explosions was reportedly near a water pump at Rizal Plaza.
  • Mayor Albert Villahermosa, who was at the plaza, said the second explosion happened some 30 seconds after the first.
  • Superintendent Franco Simborio, provincial police director, said the second bomb was crafted from an 81-mm mortar shell but “low order,” meaning it did not detonate as powerfully as the first.
  • However, A third IED was planted outside the church but didn’t explode, reports said.
  • Police said 27 people were injured, but the Philippine Red Cross had a bigger number at 31. Mayor Albert Villahermosa gave media an even higher figure of “more than 35.”

 Thursday morning aftermath

  • Pairs of slippers were left scattered in front of Hilongos Municipal Hall from people who had either been hurt or scampered to safety after the blast.
  • Authorities said initially that traces of improvised explosive devices were found on the scene.
  • According to Senator Richard Gordon, who is also Philippine Red Cross chairman, the injured were transported to a number of hospitals, with the Red Cross also providing support.
  • At least 46 government doctors and volunteers from nearby towns rushed to Hilongos to help out.
  • According to Chief Insp. Alberto Renomeron, Hilongos police chief, the local police were still in the process of identifying the perpetrators but his men as well as members of the local Explosive and Ordnance Division and the Scene of the Crime Operatives were already in the crime scene.
  • Checkpoints were also being conducted on roads leading to and going out of Hilongos in a bid to arrest the perpetrators.

Updated list of injured people

Progress report re Explosion Incident at the vicinity of Plaza of Hilongos Leyte. The following victims were injured particularly on their lower extremities during the bomb explosion and were brought at Hilongos District Hospital, Hilongos, Leyte:

  1. John Reynal Lamo,15 yo, Gomez, Extn. Brgy. Atabay
  2. Vicente Nunez, 24 yo Brgy Kang-iras
  3. Jessica Geli 19 yo Brgy Hampangan
  4. Ricardo Regaton , 53 yo Brgy Atabay
  5. Jun Rey Lumbre, 20 yo Brgy Central
  6. Aldrin Goltiano, 19 yo Brgy Utanan
  7. Joseph Ryan Bohol, 24 yo, Brgy Kang-iras
  8. Domingo Oliva, 60 yo, Brgy tagnate
  9. Kevin Manicar, 13 yo, Brgy Marangog
  10. Cristita Ano-Os, 47 yo, Brgy Marangog
  11. Jay Miguel Liba, 15 yo, Brgy tagnate
  12. Christian Lelis, 14 yo, Brgy San roque
  13. Letecia Liba, 55 yo, Brgy Tagnate
  14. Erwin Liba, 33 yo, Brgy Tagnate
  15. Rudy Bulfa, 33 yo, Brgy Campina
  16. Giselle Managbanag, 25 yo, Brgy Central
  17. Elmer Rebullos, 27 yo, Brgy Marangog
  18. King Michael Melgazo, 15 yo, Brgy Cantandog
  19. Leonilo Villaro, 28 yo, Brgy Marangog
  20. Doroteo Libres, 50 yo, Brgy Atabay
  21. Roselyn Lasmarias, 42, Brgy San Roque
  22. Wilbert Fornis Alingasa, 14 yo, Brgy Utanan
  23. Guillermo Solera
  24. Rogelio Managbanag, 26 yo
  25. Idinio Abes, 31 yo
  26. Marnilo Macarat Lusuegro
  27. Marcelina Abina, 67 yo,
  28. Joel Mamalak, 14 yo, Brgy. Lamak
  29. Judias, Mary Grace, 20 yo, Brgy. Marangog
  30. Liba, Christian Prado, 12 yo , Brgy. Tagnate Hilongos, Leyte
  31. Chris Angel Abina, 7 yo, Brgy Alegria, Bato Leyte
  32. Jessie Abina, 32 yo, Brgy Alegria, Bato Leyte

Source: PNP Region 8

This PRO deployed EOD and SOCO team in order to process the crime scene. Likewise, all PPO/CPO were directed to initiate appropriate counter measures to pre-empt negate similar incident that might transpired in AOR. The elements of Hilongos MPS, Leyte PPO are conducting follow-up investigation relative to the incident.

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