How Facebook affect the way people communicate

Facebook Image Credit: Pixabay

Social media today have become not just a part but a large part of the lives of almost all people.It became a powerful communication tool with social networks being one of the easiest way we communicate. People’s obsession with social media changed how the world communicates. One of the most popular social networking website that some people can’t live without and won’t waste any minute not to post a status is Facebook.

Gone are the days when people send telegrams or letters to faraway places and people having a visit to their friends or families just to see them. People nowadays love chatting, video calling, and even updating status in whatever they are doing. Never do they realize it made a change in the way they interact, the way they have lost their social skills. Some people are incapable in engaging even just a normal conversation in person because of the dependency on social media. They are more preoccupied in checking their smartphones than having a meaningful conversation, the quality time suffers.Some users make statements on the site they wouldn’t normally vocalize, feeling their opinion is only on Facebook and not really in public. It’s the lack of privacy that is a concern to many. Facebook hinders communication. Not everyone is fascinated with Facebook. Some believe the site is negatively influencing the way people communicate

In the other way around Facebook has improved communications for users. One is mass invites, invitations to any events or parties can be sent out to all or some of a user’s friends at once without having to mail them out. Another is constant access; friends can see what others are doing and where they are to join them. And because status changes are updated immediately, friends are in almost constant contact with each other. And lastly is finding old friends, the Facebook’s Friend Finder makes it easy to reconnect with former friends from high school, college or past jobs. When new friends are added, the site suggests others a user might know. It also uses profile information to propose other connections.

Facebook is a very popular social networking site with a lot of users. It has become so much part of people’s lives that you can learn their life story just by checking their page. Friends, likes, dislike, phone numbers, addresses, relationship status and everything. As of todays a lot of electronic inconvenience, Facebook has a lot of positive and negative effects on people and they can be quite significant. When it comes to constant contact with friends, reconnecting with former associates or even making new friends, nothing does it better than Facebook.


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