How to turn your passion into career

Passion to career
Pursuing your passion is easier than done. Image Credit: File

Are you tired of showing up for work day after day just because you are supposed to? Imagine doing what you love while you earn from it. Isn’t it the best feeling? Pursuing your passion is easier than done. You’re stepping out of your comfort-zone, trying to get good at something that would turn into a profit. It may be a bit tricky but don’t be disappointed. It is still possible for you to spend all your time doing what you love.

I’m going to give you 7 basic steps on how to turn your passion into career.

Believe in yourself.

Self belief is the No. 1 factor for tapping into your full potential. If you are going to do something unique and remarkable in your life, you have to be yourself. But in order to be yourself, you have to trust yourself.

Discover your passion.

What is that something you love to do? Your passion should be the thing that you enjoy and are naturally wired to excel. It is important for you to discover the things that you are passionate about, so you can use it in making your own profit. You just have to keep an open mind and explore all of your options.

Hatch a plan.

Starting your own business wouldn’t be perfect without a plan. You need a business plan and a savings plan, so your career change doesn’t spell financial disaster. Set your goals first before working for your dream employer. It is also important to make a detailed plan of the steps you need to take to make your passion a realistic career opportunity.

Connect with the right people.

Opportunities are usually connected to people. You can set up an informational interview, where you chat with someone in the industry to get a feel for what you need to know. Just don’t hesitate to ask around.  It is also helpful to build up a support system of their local entrepreneurs, so that you’ll have a network of people you can ask for help when you’re stuck.


Working for your own dream employer start by learning and studying the best in the industry you are doing. Look for patterns and things you can follow, so you’ll be able to break through and keep developing your skills.

Give it time.

If you don’t seem to be making progress on your new skill, don’t give up. The fact that it’s taking you a while doesn’t mean you won’t achieve the same results as experts out there; you just need to give it some time. It may take long but it is surely worth the wait.

Be prepared and embrace failure along the way.

Failure is a steppingstone to growth, learning, and refinement of your thinking and eventually success. Your journey towards success is not always going to be smooth. But do not be afraid, take it on board, pick yourself up and try based on what you have learned. Failure should not stop you from trying to make a living from your passion. You just have to remember that staying within a job that you are unhappy is the worst thing.


Turning your passion into career requires motivation. You just have to take a step in order to get closer to your goals. Your passion can and should be your career.So, do it now and don’t be afraid of taking risks. The fruits of labor will eventually pay you off and you’ll be well on your way to doing what you love.

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