What Catbalogan Athletes Deserve

Catbalogan Sports Complex or Grandstand
Image credit: Irene Iringan Muňoz

In the recently concluded Catbalogan City Athletics Association (CCAA) Meet 2017, a lot of people were concerned about the athletes during the games. Games such as soccer, 100 m dash, basketball, volleyball, long jump, and others were held at the Catbalogan Sports Complex or Grandstand. The Sports Complex’ condition is not the same as the others, it has an old wooden bleacher, a rocky race track that gets muddy when it rains. The whole place has a very bad condition. But despite all of this, the athletes still gave their all to win and make their school proud.

Comments from the social media appeared when photos of the CCAA Meet were posted. People were disappointed not because of the athletes but because of the Grandstand’s condition. And most of them only hoped for one thing, and that is to renovate the sports complex not only for the athletes but for the whole city’s usage.

Athletes train really hard to win competitions, no matter how hard and tough it gets. And having the proper training facility and equipment is a big help for them. They need this kind of support to help them win and reach their dreams. It is sad and devastating at the same time that these athletes try so hard to train and would risk their health just to compete. Sports competitions such as long jump should not land on a muddy soil, it should be in a proper and in an appropriate place. A 100-meter dash track and field competition should not be in rocky and muddy track area that looks like a pool because of the rainwater. The bleachers should be a safe place to sit and watch the games. These athletes need more than what they are experiencing right now. They should be supported as much as possible because they are doing their very best. After all, every time they achieve something, it is not only them that gets the honor and prestige but also the place they represent. It is a wake-up call for us that they need support. The Catbaloganon athletes need this, not just because of what they are doing, but because they really deserve it.

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