Will Maxine Medina get to keep the crown for Miss Universe 2016

Maxine Medina
Maxine, indeed did her best to get the back-to back victory in the Philippines despite of all the criticisms she received from the netizens. Image credit: Binibining Pilipinas

Few more days left and Pia Wurtzbach will now crown the next Miss Universe 2016.  Miss Universe will once again take place in the Philippines where it is set to kick-off after 22 years, since 1994 when it concluded Sushimita Sen who won the crown during that time.

The country exerted so much effort in preparing the official venue. Although there were conflicts encountered before everything was settled in the Philippines as the official venue for the Miss universe beauty pageant. The 65th annual Miss Universe pageant is expected to be aired live from Manila, Philippines on January 30, 2017. Miss Universe pageant is said to be the most watched international female beauty pageant around the world. Since this is the grandest and the most competitive beauty pageant, there are over one billion viewers around the world who will be watching the event live on television and online via telecast from various broadcasting networks and internet service providers around the world.

However, some are still having doubts whether a 25-year-old Maxine Medina who won the Miss Universe title at the BInibining Pilipinas last April can make a back to back win at Miss Universe 2016. A lot of netizens expressed their worry about Maxine’s poor English skills. Even after the Binibining Pilipinas pageant, she had to endure the unforgiving comments of people who thinks she lacks something to be called a perfect candidate to represent the country on the International pageant stage.  But ten months after her training on catwalk, make up and on improving her communication skills, she still receives criticisms from the people who don’t think she’d deliver the pageant night well.

Few weeks before the official start of Miss Universe 2016 competition, Maxine appeared on several television shows. But she earned a lot of criticisms after her appearance during her send-off party organized by the Binibining Pilipinas Charities, Inc. They praised Medina for her stunning and classy beauty but predicted she would stumble in the question and answer portion due to her lack of fluency in the English language. Some also suggested that she badly needs an interpreter so she can express herself well.

On the other hand, as far as the beauty contest is concerned, the beauty contest is not actually looking for someone who can fluently speak in English. Grammar is not even the basis for intelligence. Someone who is beautiful, confident and charismatic is the real meaning of beauty ambassador. And being able to speak in English fluently doesn’t play a big part in winning the crown.

Thus, I believe there is a chance that Maxine will get the crown for Miss Universe 2016. She prepared for more than half a year, making her as one of the most prepared delegates for the 65th edition of Miss Universe. She has been trained by multiple beauty pageant camps right after winning Binibining Pilipinas.  According to Maxine’s mentor, she has already improved. Maxine worked hard for this pageant but netizens are still criticizing her lack of competence to speak in English.

However, we are second language speakers of English. Grammatical errors are just normal but it is not a measurement of intelligence. Maxine is indeed determined to make a back to back win for the country in the 65th edition of Miss Universe. She’s dealing with a great amount of pressure. Filipinos should still be proud of her whether or not she give a clear answer on question and answer portion.

Meanwhile, many netizens advised that Maxine should have an interpreter for the pageant. Maxine’s family are also open with this idea but it’s not that they don’t believe in Maxine’s ability to speak in English. It’s just that they believe  that Maxine will greatly benefit from using an interpreter in order for her to express herself clearly.

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